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I'm here to Introduce to you guys MWO - Magic World online. Magic Word Online is a new Online RPG on the road. This game allows the player to enjoy a 2d Graphic interface with Isometric Background layout allowing players to feel realism in the game, it offers 4 classes ( Archer, Warrior, Mage and Summoner ) with each class allowing for a subclass transfer or class promotion, on which you can choose upon, good system interface, user friendly and good community.

What makes this game more worthy of a players time then any of the billions of other isometric, class-based games on the internet?

-Aside from the Graphics it has good user interface.
-It is worth your time because it also Offers a Robot System, Which can help you level up even though your Away from keyboard, Sleepin', etc.etc.
-Since its a Open Beta, it offers special bonuses for those new players.
-And since its new, more fun will come to the game, new things to explore and to experiment.

Try it now !. Why dont give it a shot LMFAO :amused


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Try and Join !.

Have a nice day