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Ciao Bella - The T-Mobile Episode

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  • Ciao Bella - The T-Mobile Episode

    You have three days to prepare and get ready for the weekend. This episode proposes a challenge associated with one or more of the core aspects of Elena's life including family, health, career, balance and diet. If you solve this challenge, you will be rewarded with a Country Inn weekend date with Elio. Otherwise, the result may not be quite as memorable. Meanwhile, denizens of Little Italy will interrupt your efforts, begging for help in solving their own problems.

    Link (wait a couple seconds during the commercial):


    Please note: The game episode has been changed on (from the Zoom Zoom episode to the T-Mobile episode), therefore the posts on the first 4 pages in this thread do not refer to the current episode!

    Walkthrough 1

    Walkthrough(Zoom Zoom Episode) 2:
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    boooring! all that game is, is commersials!

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      The Zoom Zoom episode confused me, I thought they made a sequel or something or changed the game in some way. But they didn't. The z.z. episode is just an addition to what happens later, makes me think that they are going to do a second edition since they did add a wedding or anything.

      When I downloaded the trial version (the full version of 60 minutes play) it's still the old game without any Mazda incorporations. It's exactly the same old game. Anyways, I played it till the end without playing due to a glitch that they had that made my taskbar dissapear, and when I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL, the game processes theoretically closed, but it was still perfectly playable.

      Anyways, nothing changed, but the new Mazda episode kinda satisfied my curiosity of what happened, but I want more!
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        Where do i meet that guy when i've done everything?


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          i dont understand,where do you have to go satherday(my english is noth so good)en what do you have to do to compleet the first level


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            bit confusing this, isn't it???


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              finished it. Gd game


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                do's anywone know ,or theirs gonna be new episodes of ciao bella?


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                  Who is Ernie and where do i find him?

                  I got it, didnt realise the cafe was a separate place
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                    v boring game...cldnt find that elio person!..


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                      He is in the cafe. Green shirt and sitting at a table. Let him test drive the car.


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                        THis game was rele boring i dont even noe wut to do in the first level

                        i think im gonna do another game
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                        I Told Y'all i was gonna bump like this... Y'all didnt think that i could bump like this


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                          To finish the level:
                          The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. - N. H.


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                            elena never looks very happy, does she?
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                              where's the INN?

                              lol just got it!
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