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Mortimer beckett and the secrets of spooky manor (Demo)

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  • Mortimer beckett and the secrets of spooky manor (Demo)

    Unravel the mystery of the Spooky Manor along with Mortimer Beckett in this fantastic new picture hunting adventure game! You'll encounter misplaced and hidden items, fun puzzles, multiple rooms and mysterious apparitions on your way to solve the mystery of your long-lost uncle's disappearance.
    You're also not alone - you'll have your uncle's Guide Book to help you as well.

    Download here:

    Please note: This is a limited demo.
    The full game is not free.
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    Please submit all new games in the New Games subforum as it is stated in the Rules.

    Hmmm, I just don't understand why it's available from Rapidshare when the game developer says "Coming soon"

    Is this an official version?


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      Is this a game or something to do with web hosting? In order to download you have to use some kind a hosting thingy. I dunno... looks strange to me...

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        These games are pay to play. The demo games are available for 90 days & then you are billed to play. Sorry these games are not accepted here.

        This one has the link removed & binned. Please be sure to post only one game at a time, & not a game site. Also make sure the games are free.
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          The official trial version is out, and I reopen the thread . I have replaced the link in the first post by the official link


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            I have completed this. If you need any help feel free to ask me.