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    finally finished... thanks everyone for all the help


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      Can't load
      GACKT is the best
      I love GACKT


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        Its loading fine for me. The game is about half way down the page, is that where you are looking?


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          All i can say is that this Harry person owes me big time for helping him escape from the art room. Grrrrrrr. 68 minutes of my life! But it was a fun game.


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            Hello - see a bunch have gone before me. I started but see someone said should not look at something until something else was done - hmm.. guess I should start over? First a hunt for snacks in real life.

            General Hospital (soap) is on - I'll be distracted.

            can't cut with paper knife. Is there another? Only gotten into one locked locker *sigh*

            and time to get oven going, season salmon, .. dinner again.
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              cud'nt of finished this without help..

              thanks for posting.

              GH's own Princess of Non-sense.

              so polished, you're gleaming with light, too tempting, resisting with all of our might, blinded sould, our misguided flight, silence the demon's lethal appitite.


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                I probably should start over - been away awhile. Still can't get 1 of 3 items. Have opened John's locker. Did a swap. But since since I figure I'm missing about 2 things at least I'm avoiding the front of the room still.

                often have to finish something before you can do something else.
                post #58 - I'd tried that earlier and it didn't work. Interesting. And I now have two of an item. Not what I expected. Thought I had only 3 tasks - apparently I've two more?

                At last out .. and one last check of email and then down the hall to bed. Almost 11 p.m. here.
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                  I can use some help now._.
                  I just don;t want to read the walkthrough._.

                  that's it..


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                    wow that one was hard.. would never have been able to finish it without help..


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                      I had to give up. Couldn't for the life of me paint the eye of the parrot.