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Newberry Chapter Two - Jennah and Charlotte

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    That seemed a little to short for me. But it was fun.
    Don't forget you are awesome.


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      WOW! im so surprised to see anything outside kongregate about my game!
      Thanks for comments and everything-- i was ecstatic when i saw that the beta for Newberry Ch2 was up to around 18000 views! (chapter one took a week to get to 1000 views)

      and i do agree next time that i should not make the puzzles so misleading (sairin WARNED me about putting the code in the beginning- said it would be like a red herring, well, i ignored her, and thats peoples main problem with the game =P)

      and to clear up any suspicion, yes, im the maker of newberry.

      Reading this made my day =D


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        Congrats on your games, Seamuslee! You should check other game sites, too. I noticed other places than Kongregate and Gamershood had it posted.

        For example, and probably several others.

        And to Gamershood!


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          Right, congratulations on doing good job!
          anyone got an new game to share?

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          Excuse me for not responding to private messages on time


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            I can't get the

            any hints?

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              Originally posted by not me View Post
              I can't get the

              any hints?
              Doctor Who.
              Doctor who?
              Doctor Who!

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                "gasp" .. doesn't sound like a good end .. Perhaps just surprised gasp?


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                  Help, I'm still stuck at the password door... ^_^; I took note of the numbers but still can't get the door to open... any help?

                  err.... nevermind... I got it... ^_^;
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                    what is the passcode?

                    passcode please?


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                      i am stuck can some one help me i read the letter and got the thing out of the sack wat next do i have to do