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Newberry Chapter one: Dan

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  • Newberry Chapter one: Dan

    Seems like this game haven't been posted yet, anyway I can't find it. This is the first chapter of Newberry series, p-n-c escape the room game, created by seamuslee from Kongregate. It's rather short but there's second chapter.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    To play click HERE or To play click HERE

    Please use spoilers to give hints!

    and have fun
    anyone got an new game to share?

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    Read the cryptic message. Now re-looking at everything and finding nothing new. Not bad at all, nice music and artwork. Has a Picasso feel to it.
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      I am where you are I have zoomed and found nothing

      did you look


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        Out! Never figured out the cryptic message on my own but...


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          this was a really easy one ,or just an intro for a serie of new games ?


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            well, i have the key and presumably need to open door at far end, but the lock isn't clickable and I can't access my inventory - am I being dumb here?

            edit: yes I was being dumb, hadn't actually picked the key up...
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              i have not played it yet but i hope its not to scary


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                I can't get past the room with the lock, cause I can't find the key. I was in the prison cell thingy but...other than that I'm confused.

                nvm, I'm retarded.
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                  I am so LOST all I have

                  I can't get past the room with the Table flipped over, or the other room with the note, me pleazzzze

                  OH SNAP, the power of posting, I didn't realize that
                  I had to

                  Moving onward now...

                  GReat, Now Im stuck agian..uggghhhhhh

                  OKAY IM OUT!!!!

                  Never did find or use a key...

                  Good game
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                    That was easy.
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