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    read post #48, it explains how to open the red door, but be aware that there is also a blue door

    when you get into those doors, everything's gonna be more clear.


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      i give up i havn't got a clue i followed the post bout the bulbs done that and got numbers 1-4 but dont know what else to do now thanks for all ur help anyway


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        Originally posted by Myska21 View Post
        Thanks :-)
        I was trying that before, but maybe I missed the right spot

        Got out with bad ending
        I'm going to try it again...
        Well, bad ending again I don't know what am I doing wrong

        I give up, bad ending again Is there perfect ending?
        Yes, there is!

        Courtesy of Marbazul


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          Wish I had taken better notes. I'm missing items 5, 8 and last two. Wondering if I should have noted how things were before I started changing them and how they were when something happened.

          Time to look for hint.

          Hints in part didn't compute. Mind must be tired. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I should have taken better notes.
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            Finally out, the game was good, but hard.

            When a game is this long and complicated, there should be a save- button,
            but thats my opinion

            Thanks for all hints