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    This is a room escape game from from the creator(s) of Yu's Room. You want to find, collect, and use items to solve puzzles and escape the room! Good luck, and have fun!!!

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]


    Please let me know if this game is already here. Due to its short and common name, I couldn't search well...

    Seems language may be a barrier.

    Click image for larger version

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    Found a key and now stuck. The arrows don't work for me and I can't find a place to use the key


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      same here ,juhu
      and found a place to put in code


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        Found a code panel but no idea of the code !


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          I had those same problems. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or if the game is SUPPOSED to work that way....

          Got this from selfie @ (some translating)

          "when you click on the arrows it says "can't move" so i suppose you're somehow restricted...?"

          "The four letters on the wall mean "Escape Life" so most likely nothing of importance. Moving on to the book now."

          "First scribbles on book says "Leek is the ultimate weapon" -_-;"

          "The little ASCII character in the book says "You guys have lots of spare time, don't you..."

          Hahaha. xD"

          "The kanji spam spams the word "bon" which means festival or the Lantern Festival especially. The different kanji on the fifth row means stealing. These two kanjis can't be combined into a word. "

          "On the last page, where you get the key, there are the kanjis for "itchy" and "horse", but I don't know a word combined with these two... D:"

          That's as much of her translating as I could find so far.


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            thanks escape ,but its not bringing me any further
            hey ... by the way
            thought that on the second page the

            no go
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              Hi Old Biker! It's good to see ya!

              Here are some more of her translations:

              "I don't know what the number 823-442 could be, it's not a postal code and not a phone number either. The other series of numbers could be a phone number, at least it is of the right length."

              "I did some research and found out that the words "itchy ... horse" are actually from the last page of a diary in the game Biohazard."

              Still has me stuck.

              I think I might just pass on this game.


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                not a clue anymore ,sooooo stuck

                giving up for now


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                  I cant move...cant do anything other than get the key...
                  Leaves the game and moves


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                    What's with the bottle of green stuff??
                    "It's my belief we all secretly ask ourselves at one time or another,
                    "Am I crazy?"
                    In my case, the answer came back a resounding


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                      I think there is a language barrier

                      I found the
                      but can't use it anywhere, can't use the arrows or anything

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                        does anyone know what is written on the bottle?
                        I am assuming it is green tea
                        failed as a password
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                          EU - Don't waste your time on this one.

                          Well, it is the same here as on escape24. This game sux. No one has been able to do anything other than get the notebook, flip the pages, click on the key, the key falls either to the floor or in the inventory. Then - nothing. Other forums have spent many hours trying to figure this one out. I just read through their posts and found nothing good to say about this game.

                          It has a rating of --- 1 from me. If I could give it less than zero, I would.

                          I don't know what the policy is here, but maybe this game should be removed from the front page?


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                            I wish I had read alll the posts before wasting my time on this non starter


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                              I've been trying to find online japanese writing software to translate this writing, but nitto. Nada. Nothing.

                              One to avoid, people.