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  • Your Escape

    You and your friend are locked in different rooms. Escape the rooms by finding items ans solving puzzles.
    Good luck

    Please use spoilers to give hints and about found items

    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    there is a language barrier !
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    I moved this thread to the new games section, as all new games and riddles should be submitted here. Thanks for posting


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      yea new game to play this morning better than working
      btw to get in the other room press the round blue button

      there is a language problem but i got out thanks to xenon from escape games 24 here is the code for the bottom drawer you need to copy and paste it unless you have a japanese keyboard but it will only work if you have certain things in your inventory
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        Thanks for that hint about the drawer and the door Hayes!

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          this is a hard one ,there goes the evening(s) hope it saves


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            @ biker: you scould have known better, man! NOBODY likes to mess around with all that japanese!


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              I have my charts on wall, clocks , but cant seem to do much else. This is a great game but if it was in english i would try more but thanks

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                Have you noticed that if you push this blue button at the bottom you are moved to different room? Is this new game?


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                    OMG.....why did I have to be born this stupid??? I put some things in topdrawer...pasted and used the password...pushed blue button...and...NOTHING!!!I stay in the same room and the things I put in the drawer are all there....I think I'm going to chop off a limb for being this stupid!!!


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                      Well - language thing .. I'll pass. Did collect things but ..