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Escape From the Cabin

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  • Escape From the Cabin

    A Japanese escape the room game. Find items and solve puzzles to escape the room.
    NOTE: For this game, hit "Flash 001" on the Right Side. Also note, language may be a barrier.

    Good luck.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
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    Assuming that I did make the right selection in the beginning and I'm playing the right game, so far I have

    EDIT: I'm OUT


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      It's a time waster. Language barrier and boring graphics.


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        yes ...,and out


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          Hey old biker

          Did you find any hints how to work out the code in this game? For me it was just a matter of trying all numbers from 0-999. I couldn't find any clues in the game for it.


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            sorry elle was playing other game
            you still need the code ?
            its in the


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              Thx old biker

              I had already escaped by randomly guessing the code. I was just wondering whether you did find the clues in the game for the code yourself.


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                Are we playing the same game?
                I have a black and white room, where I can pick items that I don't see at the first place, I can't use them from my inventory and I don't see a 'code-place'. I am missing only # 1, 2 and 4, but there is no fun at all...

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                  Wow... that was, indeed, terrible.


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                    I have 7 items and I assume I am missing the 4th one... I used one item to get the code scene.. tried all suggested combinations with no luck... any help please?

                    It would be useful to know what the items I already have are and what and where they could be used.


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                      One look at this game I can,t stand these boring ones, off to find another one.
                      Up the Villa !!


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                        Well, have all but 3 items. items don't highlight when I click on them - so not sure I must do that to use them or just click on place that one of my items can go. Hmm.. Missing first, second and 4th item.
                        Got item 4 - what is it? Lots of items I'm not sure about

                        Took a smoke break on the porch. One more look around ..

                        At last out.
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                          Where's the 5th item?I've got all but that

                          EDIT:nvm,got it,but what's the code
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                            What Oldbiker said:
                            when you click on your last 5 items in the japanese desription below there is between the signs a number hidden.

                            So you only have to try with these three numbers in the middle, so you need max. 6 trials to find out the code. Zoom out, then it opens.

                            You'll find the safe after clicking the second item.
                            I*m out without the fourth item, can't put it out from safe, hihi.