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Office Escape: Stage 3

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  • Office Escape: Stage 3

    This is the third installment of the "Office Escape" games. Your goal is to find, collect, and use items to escape the office. Good luck, and have fun!

    I do not yet know if language will be a barrier in this game.

    May take a short while to load. Once loaded, click on STAGE 3.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]


    Click image for larger version

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    Yay... waiting for it to load.. probably take forever cause I'm at work!

    Ok.. and stuck! surprise surprise!!

    and out finally...
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      out ,thanks to Shochun of EG 24 for the pc code


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        What is the PC code? Can't read Japanese


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          Originally posted by old biker View Post
          out ,thanks to Shochun of EG 24 for the pc code
          so would you be so kind and tell us (the rest of the brain-damaged underdogs) what the code is?


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            And out, got a lovely birthday cake!
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              I have a personal approach... if the game doesn't even say "Start", I move on !!

              Does that make me a bigot ??!!


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                Apparently it's not universal. And what does one do w/all the keys?


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                  This has turned into a kind of interesting game - still missing one key and no idea what to do with some of the items but still trying!

                  Finally out (with help from hints on another site). At least there's some cake at the end!
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                      So far I have

                      and now I'm stuck

                      Ok fine

                      I'd love to be one of those colorful early summer days
                      When everybody is happy that you came
                      Everybody smiles back at you as soon as your eyes cross their eyes
                      But something has to happen first
                      I know winter has to come before it blossoms


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                        I'm stuck.

                        I've been to all the rooms except the one behind the double doors (is THAT my exit?) and I haven't been upstairs. In my inventory I have 4 blank notes, the note from the computer and 5 keys. There are still some hot spots that I can't do anything with such as the ceiling light in the kitchen, the big bottle in the board room and the video screen in the other board room. Any hints in order to continue would be helpful.


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                          quit without ever actually having gotten started.
                          it was either taking forever to load or it has no button marked start or no obvious way to start the game.

                          just more evidence in my campaign towards having a game test forum for games that aren't written in english. it is my understanding that the common spoken & written language in GH is English? All posts to the forum are written in English?

                          Then surely its common sense to only allow links to games that can be understood by english speakers and not need the help of someone who speaks another language?


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                            Originally posted by imticklish View Post
                            This is exactly where I am stuck. Password for computer?


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                              @Michelle - Its either