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  • Toya Room 2 Past and Present

    Toya Room 2 (Past and Present Two Rooms) is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by NHK, author of Toya Room . In this game, you have to search the room to find items and some clues for solving puzzles and escaping from the room. Language barrier may be a problem in this game. Good luck and have fun!

    To Play Click Below

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
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    Yes Language barrier indeed...I dont get it at all
    found this so far

    ok opend safe
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      Wow. This is trippy.

      I'm in like a third alternate room and can't get back to either of the first rooms and I found the 8 that fell off the calendar in the first room, but, don't know what to do with it.

      I got to a number puzzle, but, it was timed and I couldn't solve it. GAME OVER


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        where did you find nr 8? I did see it fall down but where?

        found it but didnt make it either...


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          It's in the final room.

          Oh okay. You made it to the last room.

          I liked the game, but, that was very disappointing at the end.


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            I made it the second time, wait to lay the 8 last. Liked this game


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              link to ACTUAL game please, there are 10 different screens on there and its written in japanese.


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                Hmm this is great - NO language barrier here!!

                Quite quickly at abou the same place as Kristins first post. Have all the bottles

                Ok now its become trippy - saved the dead guy (i hope) but managed to visit poltegiest tv-land for a while and now there is only one the head is glowing right (you know like a mushies trip) touched it and now there is a third room - progress?

                Found 8 tile but timed out on puzzle
                Trying again and understand key to goes.
                OUT - Took 2 mininues to be finished

                Thanks Clank for this great post!!
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                You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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                  Originally posted by Rexroth View Post
                  Hmm this is great - again NO language barrier just a lack of imagination and ingenuity - c'mon gamershood members - try a little first - were not that closed minded are we?
                  What are you talking about?


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                    Originally posted by brainisdead View Post
                    link to ACTUAL game please, there are 10 different screens on there and its written in japanese.
                    Done. Edited the first post with the game's direct link.


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                      That was one of the best games I've played in a while!! Wish they were all that good!


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                        Originally posted by Michelle View Post
                        What are you talking about?
                        I may have over reacted here a little Michelle
                        Not refering to anyone specifically but I get the impression that many members complain or just give up on good games because of a perceived 'language barrier' and wanted to express a view to the contrary...
                        How stupid of me - I have deleted the statement.
                        You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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                          OMG after playing 20 min
                          and i have to start over


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                            ok im stuck.. i have the red key but i dont know if i used it coz its still there.. got A nd B cans from first room, piece of pot and piece of paper.. from second room i got newspaper now stuck.. cant do anything else there.. anyone playing?

                            EDIT: and theres something with that book under the bed in first room but i dont get it

                            EDIT 2: made some progress.. used red key and got black key and notebook
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                              thanks escape girl. we'll soon see how playable it is.

                              Found Bottle A (fire), Bottle B (water), Bottle C (sun), Bottle D (no clue whats in that), Screwdriver (used), Pot Shard, Red Key (used). Memo Book, Black Key (used) & bit of newspaper. found safe, no clue how to open it.

                              Stuck there.
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