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  • The Great Attic Escape

    The Great Attic Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from Pastel Games which is also creator of The Great Kitchen Escape, and The Great Living Room Escape games and many more. In this escape game, you are locked in the attic. Look around, search for items, escape from the bedroom! Good luck.

    Click Here For A Walkthrough!

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
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    Yay.....Out.. ....Great game.....n those Bats are really very Clever
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      Lol, takes some getting used to..but great fun... Thanks for posting

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        Hehe pretty cool and funky. Out!
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          D-I-S-C-O!!!im out
          cool game purp,thnx
          USE MORE F-11(full screen key)


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            It's probably too early to be playing a game, but so far I have

            what do I do now??

            EDIT: played the record and had the lil bats dancing. Now they are in inventory

            EDIT2: now I have

            Can't open safe

            EDIT3: Now

            EDIT4: Out. Very clever.. Yeah, I did it on my own!!
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              nice game


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                Cute Game! Loved the bats!
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                  I think I have all the objects I need, to build something, but, I can't quite figure out how to start putting it together. Is there a certain spot to start putting things or am I supposed to be able to start combining in my inventory. I'm a little stuck.


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                    Out!! Nice game once again.

                    @ Michelle
                    Do you have these items in your inventory.

                    If yes, then

                    Hope this helps.
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                      Thanks Becky!

                      That was cute!


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                        This was a nice and funny game. I simply loved the little bat dance.


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                          currently have 4 wheels,frame, toy car, 4 screws & 3 bats.
                          cant kind key or screwdriver?
                          and music is VERY annoying!


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                            Out very cute game!

                            the screwdriver

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                              cant find key. im asuuming its in the safe i cant open. any help please.