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  • mobai room 3

    MOBAI ROOM 3 is a japanese room escape game in english

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here... [/spoiler]
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    USE MORE F-11(full screen key)

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    im out

    the first and 2nd parts of this game was published long time if you havent play them yet do yourself a favor and serch for them
    USE MORE F-11(full screen key)


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      Yay! quick and easy!!!


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        fun game. out pretty fast =]


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          Getting the door "key" was a little tricky


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            "You are the 811th escaper"

            Now that is how you should get out of a room


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              Am I too stupid??? stuck with two cards and a lighter.....

              Hm, I'll try later again

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                stuck with two cards and a lighter too

                ok here is what i have so far

                now i have no ides what to do next

                ok and out!!!
                nice game, had some problems with
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                  Any hints on how to fill the chain saw... i've combined and used every thing with everthing else and it wont fill with gas!?!?!?!?!?!?!
                  ..even tried lighter with gasoline to end it all!! aaaaaaAAAAGH

                  The gas fumes must have got to me.... eventually it worked and out.

                  No 5560 .. then repeated it in 10 seconds and was 5587.... so I'm NOT ALONE!! HI to all escapers!!!


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                    Out! A room escape game that makes sense... who would have thought??? LOL
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                      mmmmm i'm stuck with a lighter and two cards..... can't figure out the code with these 2 cards....

                      Any hints ??? Because clicked everywere and can't find anything else..

                      Still do i make the code for the operational panel with the 2 cards....damn i feel stupid if everybody just fixed it that quickly hahaha

                      ahhhhh got it :-) .... did it the wrong way

                      And out!! the rest was simple.... just could't figure out the red card clue :-S stupid me haha
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                        How do I write a spoiler in....I've got a hint for ya!

                        I've got the 2 cards and the codes from them....the spanner, the lazyman tongs and the lighter...any hints... ah got the key and now the gasoline! And stuck again!......................

                        Edit: AND OUT! with no help at all!
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                          the red code opens a lock. the blue code opens a lock. the red and blue..


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                            Can't find gas...oh please tell me where to find gas!! I need gas so bad......


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                              spoilers are written like under here....

                              [/spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here... [/spoiler]

                              Remove first / before the word spoiler( not the second one)
                              Replace 'title here' part with the hint subject.... than 'enter text here' ....uhmmm well that's the hint itself hahaha... and than de closing part of the spoiler...
                              So keep the brackets and spoilertext in there...don't remove them...
                              you can copy it from above and then just put your text in between...

                              but now i'm out but for future use then ;-)
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