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  • Doragon Escape

    Doragon escape game is another japanese escape game

    have fun

    there might be a language problem

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.
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    and some weird green creatures aaaaand stuck,


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      I did an about item on a pink ball & had to start over.... Now still have

      Whoops... put

      EDIT: Clicked on a lot of things... got
      Any more luck there Old Biker?

      EDIT AGAIN: I'm stuck now... Thinking the language barrier is an issue

      EDIT YET AGAIN: I have
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        This is a strange game.

        To open the locked door

        Now I'm stuck again. I have

        Out with Bad End
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          Out... with Bad End...


          I think I'm giving this one up. At least I got out!


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            Out with good end. Maybe you


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              Originally posted by asterixx View Post
              Out with good end. Maybe you
              Nope ! I tried that. Still Bad end
              Maybe you did something (or did not) tah I didn't (or did )
              Want to make your own Internet game ?
              sigpic . .
              Game4 (Chez moi) now available (Demo tab).


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                I just noticed Ihad my sound too low - missed some sounds. thought I had a ticket for a show .. hmm. Saw a cute girl and two critters out yonder. LOL .. have 3 items. and see I missed being here w/ folks. *sigh* Can't buy a bottle of wine .. ? sad. Used an item - have 4 items now.
                Hmm.. festive celebration in TV(?) shop? then money changer?

                had to pause to get roast in oven. Missing the 3 ball. Read hints so missing more than that. Saw clue but only one place I visited seems to be a possibility and nothing works there. Stumped ..
                Aha! a new area showed up out of the blue.
                Just need the 3 ball .. missed something? did something out of order? Dinner ready to get out of the oven..
                I'm full! Used something I had picked up and replaced - and got out with a good end. Yippee!!
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