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  • Umang Room Escape

    A room escape game by Forgotten Games.
    You are locked in a room. Find and use items, and solve puzzles to escape Umang room! Good luck

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Ooo...another new one! Great way to spend a day off work! Thanks, Mistery!
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      Lots of locked stuff in this one, and so far no keys.
      (so far)


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        Out, this one's got a funny ending. Story of my life.

        If you're stuck, try


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          Wolf, you are doing much better then I am. I only have

          Also found

          Have made serious progress.
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          Don't forget you are awesome.


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            Wow, this is a complex game! So many puzzles to complete.

            Kids, don't put heavy or radioactive items in mum's washing machine!


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              Anyone playing? Totally stuck!!!


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                Where are you stuck, Loopy?
                Don't forget you are awesome.


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                  stuck now -

                  have got a yellow and green card, infinity book, candle and nail in machine thing - not washing machine, twigs and magnesium (no idea where they go)
                  have used the key, but can't do anything with that. no idea what to do with the puzzle on the floor, or the other machine with the coloured blocks.


                  nevermind, out now, hadn't clicked on everything in the case. d'oh!
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                    How do you fix the machine???
                    nevermind figured out the machine

                    Now where in the world is the purple paper??
                    Dont leave the uranium on the table then turn the room
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                      interesting game...

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                        I have got the machine working and see a batman symbol. I used my candle and nail, but can't figure out how to light it. I have magnesium/striker and haven't used. Can't find purple card. Found a opening above fireplace with lots of knobs, but can't figure out how to position them.


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                          how to light the candle


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                            found this on another site. Only look if you're really stuck

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                              OK - many things to click on and even picked up 4 items. Lots of locked things. See lots of hints above if / when I get stuck.
                              more items but I'm being hit by the nap virus..

                              Good nap, late supper for me. and have come back to this toughie after doing a few things. I did "wash"something and it appeared to disappear - so rewashed and I got it back intacted. Hmm..

                              OK - funny ending - but then again not funny as I often find myself in that condition due to living with male (husband) who doesn't set out out a fresh roll when he uses the last ..
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