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  • Salon Escape

    Salon Escape is another Korean point and click type room escape game by In this game, you have to search the salon to find items and some clues for solving puzzles and escaping from the salon. Good luck.

    *NOTE to Admins and Mods: This is not the 123bee Salon Escape.

    Alternate Link:

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.
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    after finding the code


    looking for

    stuck after finding

    gtg now ..finish tonight
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      This game suffers from dimished hot spots. They can't be more than 5 X 5 pixels.


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        I have found
        and am now stuck! Heeelp!!
        Badwife of my husblonde gh1!

        Still searching for "the bit underneath"

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          Can't find the 3rd key
          or the hotspot in the curtain.

          Edit: Has anyone found a hotspot in the abstract painting? Found one in the flower painting but so far it is no use.


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            I can't find the hotspot behind the courtain... where's it?

            @RBS: There's a hotspot in the middle of the abstract painting, but it neither has any use (I think)
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              @Aykrmela--You need to

              @ RBS and aykrmela Have you
              Don't forget you are awesome.


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                Thanks Purp for both of those. Need old biker back to tell us about the 3rd key.

                Back to hopelessly stuck. Game is aggravating but I want to finish it!


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                  use the knife

                  and the hotspot is behind that

                  back on the attick now,found

                  put divice
                  but where to put answer ?
                  fourth key
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                    Thank you biker, got the

                    Edit: I got the 4th key from

                    Edit 2: got the device as well biker. It

                    Yeah, no idea where to put answer. Still some room in inventory and still have not used the putty knife

                    Originally posted by aykrmela View Post
                    @RBS: There's a hotspot in the middle of the abstract painting, but it neither has any use (I think)
                    I can't find this hotspot aykrmela unless you mean the one to zoom in on the painting. Once zoomed in I find nothing.


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                      where did you find drill ?maybe its different items in every game becouse i shure used knife on airco

                      anybody used scraper yet ?

                      and flashlight is still useable


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                        Edit: Almost done

                        5th key

                        You can now go the the code keypad but beware - you are locked into that screen for the 3 part 1 solution final step. You cannot go back to the room.


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                          thats where i found knife,the scraper is the first item left ,looks like a paint scraper ,but not working on paintings
                          think we need one more key

                          yay ..use scraper


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                            found last key, 2 posts up.

                            This game is bizarre. No idea what to do at the keypad. Game had promise but I declare it a big disappointment.

                            Back later to read the spoilers if anybody gets out.

                            Edit: Went to Nord and they are starting to get out because of hints at EscapeGame24. I read the explanation of the code and it is

                            Uh, I think this game was meant for hardcore escape room players.


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                              yeah its a hard game with very small hotspots and slowly proceeding

                              think im missing the knife

                              found 5th key now

                              at the keypad now with 3 hints