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  • Building Escape

    Two new japanese escape games of the same creator


    please use spoilers to give hints

    [spoiler] text [/ spoiler]

    please do not post a videowalktrough in 7 days

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    What the?

    All I did was press a button and stuff started moving everywhere + game over. Did I die or escape?


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      dont know ,didnt happen to me ,but in the first game i didnt find anything .
      in second now and starting to get somewhere


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        I had trouble finding or doing anything in the first game. I'm not sure about the second game, except you have a serious language barrier.
        Don't forget you are awesome.


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          Hi all. I couldn't get the first one to load at all. I even tried all the links at the bottom of the page. On one of then I found a play button. Wow, can i really have legs that look like that?! Sorry, got distracted. It was an infomercial in Japanese.

          Tried the second game and have made a little progress.

          It's getting late for me. So i will leave as many clues as i can and perhaps in the morning someone will have found one or more of the solutions.
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            saw a #, used it every where, .. ended up in a ?maze - and out. Weird. - one with Xmas tree, window, two places to put a code, ?rock? and letters on wall.
            SEcond one is sort of same set up. # in a different place .. code places both on same wall now..

            Here hubby messing with oven door - my cue to see if he needs me to look at his dinner to see if it is done?
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              im out!!!without help!!


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                First one... out the window

                WOAH! Clicked around that box some more saw
                and OUT!?

                Trying second one now... slow loading... This one makes less sense than the last one. Not wasting my time anymore.
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