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    yeah me either, kinda sick of trying it out

    ok i looked at another forum you have to
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      Me, too. This game seemed to be totally unconnected. It was hard to figure out why things worked they way they did.

      I tried this but didn't understand how to play the drum

      I guess I am going to give up for now. I may try again later.
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        If you are left with drum, stick, corkscrew and note then


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          hint about code

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            I have no idea where the key!!!

            So far I have:

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              My brain must be going... can't find half the things! Looked and clicked I thought everywhere. I'll have to come back fresh


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                where is the star card?

                edit: nvm i found it


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                  I did an item wrong?
                  (nope, not a mistake)
                  So guess I should start over. *sigh* Going to read hints and see if this is normal ..
                  Started over. Wish I had made better notes the first time. have collected 13 items - used most - 4 still in my inventory. Tried one thing but didn't seem to do anything.

                  and out at last
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