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Haunted - The Trapped Soul

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  • Haunted - The Trapped Soul

    (room escape)
    After hitting some.. creature.. you wake up at a strange place.. Nothing around you, but only that ghostly abandoned house.. Play this adventure game, packed with creepy puzzles, to find out. Good luck!

    (Btw, if you get the bad ending, you can retry the last sequence without the need to replay the whole game )

    The game is not be suitable for young players.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

  • #2
    Got cable and used, now trying to figure out the code for the generator.
    No idea how, haven't seen any clue for that puzzle.

    Aha, found clue
    Set it, but where to activate it The red button doesn't work.

    Ah okay, got it


    Now revealed

    Hmmm, does it have to do with the clock? Looking for clues...

    Opened it, but just with random trials


    And what's with the TV? No idea...

    Found in 2nd room

    OMB, a padlock with a lot of buttons And I don't see properly all letters and numbers No idea.

    Found organ, made it work, but don't know what keys to hit.

    Found now

    Found clue for organ


    Found old key

    Seems I'm really alone in the haunted house, I just keep talking to myself


    • #3
      Mistery where is the old key? I
      but don't know the time to set it at.

      NVM PoP haha. Stuck at same place as you.

      Found tape recorder
      Put batteries in
      but dont know what to play. I tried hitting the keys with the fingerprints but that didn't do anything.
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      • #4
        Finally someone here

        I haven't solved organ puzzle, haven't set clock (but maybe this was for the safe?), haven't solved the padlock puzzle.


        • #5
          I guess we are both stuck at same spot


          • #6
            Yup, it seems so.

            Even the clue for the organ doesn't help me much

            Did you figure out where to use old key?

            Plus I have no idea where to use info from wall, or from calendar.


            • #7

              You can plug the tape recorder

              got the password for the padlock

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              • #8
                Hmm, nothing happens if I play keyboard that way.
                But I have found a hint for a nursery rhyme...


                • #9
                  Now you can

                  mistery don't play them starting at 1. start at the left side and work towards the right.


                  • #10
                    Guess I made a mistake with the keyboard, go to try again.

                    Thanks for the padlock hint.

                    Still don't get how to play keyboard


                    • #11
                      we will play. excuse me, I English does not know. So not swear at me


                      • #12
                        mistery order is

                        Also got the two plates glowing using the birthdays and the astrology note


                        • #13
                          Welcome to the forums Fortunata

                          Gonna try again sirrabid.
                          Ah, finally got it

                          I'm now also stuck on the zodiac puzzle.


                          • #14
                            MISTERY Thank you, you very nice ))))))))))))) nightmare, I even light can not include, probably I sleep already


                            • #15
                              made major progress

                              for zodiac puzzle