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  • Scallion Room Escape

    Another room escape game by Parallel Love. Good luck

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    im getting the "bamboo shoot room escape" here
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      Duh sorry
      I was wondering why this game had no English version, and checked older games to see if there was a different link for Japanese and English versions, but there wasn't. And I ended up copy-pasting the wrong link


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        have blue yellow and green balls. 5 scallions. Can't figure out how to 'fish' out the red one.

        They jazzed the puzzles up a little

        Edit: Grrrrr. Ok RBS, settle down and walk away. How hard can it be to get that red ball? Somebody HELP!
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          out with perfect end

          no need for red ball


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            Out w/Perfect End!!! Never got the red ball, but figured out the code w/out it!
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              Out perfect end....
              ...but... couldn't see the logic for the code colours from the arrow.... any pointers.


              .... I replayed it several times and the red ball just pops out [but it wouldn;t the first time]... sequence was the same.... unusualllll!!
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                Missing yellow item. Does my flashlight work? Is that a hammer? Eyes stired from hunting shapes and shells.
                OK - it works and I have the yellow one. Now to figure out code .. had to pop up for some cashews and apple juice. Also got up to put eye drops in hubby's eyes but he is still on his after dinner nap before going to bed.
                ARGH! I don't get code - hoping I've the 4 # right and just scrambling them.
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                  about the red ball...
                  that's what worked for me at least.


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                    ok i'm everything but can't work out any seems illogical to me, and no yellow item either
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                      I cant find the the yellow and green balls, any help?


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                        Originally posted by Kira699 View Post
                        ok i'm everything but can't work out any seems illogical to me, and no yellow item either

                        Originally posted by Gigigirl View Post
                        I cant find the the yellow and green balls, any help?
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                          my balls are not in the g b y r order. mine are b y r g. But at least you gae me an order to work with.
                          Only if I fold / flatten my shapes do I get # - my blue from one view could be a U from another an E with top and bottom line missing. BUT if I rotate I get a 3.
                          I give up .. UNCLE
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                            Here ya go, NannaJoy


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                              NannaJoy, the escape codes in these games are always numbers. So you were on the right track when you took the E and rotated it.

                              I didn't find the col0our clue on the arrow all that clear.