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    I'm at the same spot. I have the blue liquid in the test tube. Can't do anything with it. Cant get any other liquids either...

    Found key

    Use key


    To make purple liquid
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      I still cant figure out code for invisible bracelet!!!!! I Need vitamins or coffee or something


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        kariokatexas: Go in the ventilation ducts and head for the armory, but don't go in (or go into the armory and go back into the duct. You'll see the order of the codes on the wall to your right.

        STILL can't find any green liquid...

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          yuppi I done

          when You use glass brick
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            wow! a key .. might know where that goes. Have something else that I don't know what to do with. Being distracted by General Hospital (my soap).

            Edit: - went to bed after soap, up, ate, back ..before that also found
            .. need to clean something before use?
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              Out . . . upon realizing the glass block was floating in the orange/yellow goop after fusion was underway, and upon FINALLY seeing that blasted glass rod on the floor where it sat for ages! Sheesh!

              One of the best games in a long, long while. I wish there were more like it.


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                I have
                ( •ᴗ•)b


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                  I made a video walkthrough
                  <<sorry video walkthroughs are allowed only after 7 days>>
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                    I'm not seeing what to do next ..last post on page 5
                    Edit - relooked at my items. Light bulb came on so progress.
                    & out .. rapid closing.
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                      ugh i cant figure out how to get the axe grrrrr

                      EDIT: nvm got it now
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                        how do i get past the lasers? im so confused

                        nvm about the lasers, ill figure it out....and if anyone posted on here about them, sorry, im trying not to look at the spoilers lol

                        .....ok nvm, still don't know what to do with the lasers in the armory room, so any help will be appreciated
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                          In the air vents you can see a code on the walls, use that for the lasers

                          Respect the eclipse


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                            what code? The only code i see is the one for the bracelet....


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                              If you watch the laser beams, you will notice that some seem to be traveling in one direction and the rest in the other.


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                                yeah i did notice am i turning the different ones, or the ones that are the same? and which way am i turning?

                                **nvm, i got it

                                **im out **
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