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Cafetria Escape (aka Cafeteria Escape)

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  • Cafetria Escape (aka Cafeteria Escape)

    This is the newest escape game by

    "As you do not have the means to meet the food expenses in the cafeteria, you have been forced to hide yourself underneath the table in the cafeteria. You will have to escape from the cafeteria by performing the needed action." Find, collect, and use items to solve puzzles and ESCAPE!

    At this time only registered members (registration is free) have access to this game, but it should become available shortly to everyone.


    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm getting:

    "You are not authorized to access this page."

    Anyone else ?


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      Did you see my note in the lead post? Apparently for a short while when they release a game, only registered users can play. (Registration is free.) Then, shortly, it becomes available for all. Sorry about that, donaud.


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        Oh, no need to apologize

        I didn't even see the BOLD note !!


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          YAY! I'm out! That was a pretty funny/cute one. (Made me think of Tom & Jerry the cartoon. ) I enjoyed it. And I made it as #11 on the top scores! (Yes, yes, I know it only just came out so there aren't too many people who completed it. Let me celebrate anyway! )


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            Ha! Low and behold I had already registered 21 weeks and 6 days ago! Will play!

            Oh darn the game won't display for me. I have been having that problem all over the internet lately. Sometimes things will display just fine and sometimes I just get that blank space with the little box in the upper left corner. I'm not savvy enough to figure out why. Something must have changed with my IE.
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              Oh no!! Have you made sure your flash player is up to date? Have you been having problems with games, videos, etc.? If you haven't updated it recently. You may want to try that.



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                Thanks. I did the update but that didn't solve it. It happens with games, video, images. But not all the time. Even on certain sites where I can see some images but othe images just won't display. I really don't get it. It seems random.


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                  Aww.... Bummer. Does the same thing happen if you use Firefox?


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                    Nope. Don't have firefox. But, now that the link is on the main page, when I click the lick the game starts! See. It's so random I can't figure it out...


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                      Weird! But I'm glad you can play now!


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                        i'm stuck on the

                        any help plz?

                        edit: i've tried using it on the table but i don't think that's where it goes
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                        Cheer up!

                        It'll get better! You could be sleep deprived. . .

                        Oh, wait a minute. . . Mom. . . A mom is what I meant to say. . .


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                            Got a lot done but stuck with
                            and stuck?

                            EDIT: Duh... Cute ending! I made it (the music IS like tom & jerry!!)
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                              Ha! What is that little mouse saying to me? What does he want me to do?

                              Can you give me a little nudge. I'm trying to put half eaten cheese everywhere and I don't understand mousespeak.
                              Last edited by Michelle; 06-25-2009, 18:56:20.