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Being One Episode 1 - Escape The Lab

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  • Being One Episode 1 - Escape The Lab

    You awake inside a vat, and have no idea where you are. You must get out of this vat and escape this vile laboratory. Good luck!

    Play Here

    The game might be not suitable for children.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

  • #2
    Got red and green keycards, 7 samples, switched all tripswitches.
    Password to pc doesn't work for some reason.
    Opened and shut off specimen 1 and 2.

    Aha, pc password worked, but had to click on question mark to log in.
    I need 1 more sample, where is it?

    Seems I'm alone again, guess I'm going to stop posting new games

    Okay, got all samples, let's see.

    Yay, completed episode 1.
    I liked this game


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      Thanks for posting it, saved me doing it ;-)

      Glad you liked it, Episode 2 will be out in a few weeks time!!


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        Great news!
        *Waits (im)patiently*

        Just one thing:
        I was dumb to try to use key again, and it got stuck on my cursor, was a bit annoying - I couldn't get rid of it


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          a plummer had a lot of work in here
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            Was the green one from specimen 2?

            If so


            • #7
              green one from 1
              think i need last sample to open specimen 3
              Last edited by old biker; 07-01-2009, 22:02:51.


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                Allright, then check


                • #9

                  got pw but cant open files yet
                  really need last sample
                  yay found it
                  fighting now great game
                  out ...i looooved it
                  only wished i came by a mirror to see what i look like
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                    Ah okay, meanwhile you found both cards, sorry didn't see your edit.
                    You now need to

                    Don't remember the places of all samples, but

                    I think the others are visible.


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                      thanks but out already ,need to go to bed now ..up at 4 PM for work


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                        You mean 4 AM?
                        Good night


                        • #13
                          yeah AM of course ...night


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                            woohoo out without was a brilliant game (ok wasn't quick enough and died twice) but looking forward to part 2
                            Don't Drink's a laundry detergent!


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                              I'm stuck. I have
                              I will say the typing on the keyboard is a little unnerving, especially since we're supposed to be alone in the room.

                              Ok, I died once, but the second time I lived. It took me 36:18 to finish the game, and I got a score of 2358000. I love this person's games, the graphics are great, and he is very clever.
                              Last edited by Purp; 07-02-2009, 05:47:12.
                              Don't forget you are awesome.