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  • Feed Escape 2

    this is another japanese escape game


    please use spoilers to give hints

    and dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days
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    Ok, I found
    Where is it??
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      Originally posted by Purp View Post
      Ok, I found
      Where is it??
      Look in


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        Out, from the first one but stuck on the second, I don't know what the

        Edit:Worked it out need

        Out, nice game

        Edit: Ok not out there is another bit lol

        Edit:This time I have hit a bigger language barrier

        Edit:I have looked up the numbers in Japanese and the number written

        Still can't work out the TV clue.. Anyone playing??

        Ok ermm You can play the game in english Still not getting it though..

        Editfor the last time - Out, with normal end, gave up on code!
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        Still searching for "the bit underneath"

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          i don't get the tv code either.......but I am >< close to being OUT..........argh. and stuck
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            I figured the code out using Wikipedia.

            If you don't want to do all the checking:

            Stuck now after feeding the plants outside...
            Anyone else out there?
            What order do you use the buttons?

            Never mind, out! It was
            Great game!
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              I cannot find the one button---only have 7?

              I am missing the

              NVM- got it...
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                I can't find the last button as well.....


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                  When you are placing the rest...look for the one floating away....


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                    Stuck in the drawer with the keys...

                    EDIT: Got that, just can't figure out what the
                    Nevermind... punched everything! On to the next part!

                    And... OUT!!
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                      It's a lot easier if you click the English link!

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                        Anyone still playing?
                        I dont get what the
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                          Sorry, spoiler thingie didn't work!
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                            fighting with the key drawer .. grrrr! - OK managed that and in next part. Hmm.. Didn't notice an English link.
                            I've moved on .. need two more items of a group.

                            Yipee "Happy End"
                            Now do hubby's eye drops and hit the porch for a few minutes.
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                              where are all of the rings at
                              nvm i found them
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