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  • Ancient Coins Escape

    Ancient coins escape is another room escape game by cafecafegames
    you know what to do to escape from here .under the game you find a button to play full size screen.

    have fun

    please use spoilers to give hints
    [spoiler] enter text here.. [/spoiler]

    dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days
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    Aggh stuck with
    Hey, look over there!
    *wipes biscuit crumbs from mouth* Oh. It's gone.
    Aw. Hey, where'd my...
    *not here*


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      I only need four more parts of the coins:

      However, I disagree with the math for the code on the tall cabinet... Maybe I'm doing it wrong..but I dunno.

      Is that big thing with numbers on the wall a
      If so, I'll have to learn how to do it..never have before.

      But, I need to quit for now and sleep. Night all!


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        I added all the columns and rows up... But I'm still at a complete loss.
        Hey, look over there!
        *wipes biscuit crumbs from mouth* Oh. It's gone.
        Aw. Hey, where'd my...
        *not here*


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          All the rows, columns, and diagonals

          It's actually a lot easier than it looks at first. Get the bottom row and the rest will fall into place.

          Trying to find a right now. I imagine it's easier than I'm making it.

          ETA: Yep, lots easier. Just hadn't looked on the correct wall. But either my math is wrong or the game's is, because no number I come up with works.

          ETA2: Oh, both our maths are wrong. There is a hint for how to solve the a + b puzzle
          but you have to double your a answer to get the right number.
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            At my work PC now, and will start again. Thanks for the hints nin man. Much appreciated! Let's see how far I get...


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              Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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                my calculation dont seem to work ,although...its correct


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                  I'm out with quite a bit of help. Never did see what the

                  @Old Biker....For the code

                  Hope that helps...


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                    good memory tipper, that works. Can't for the life of me do the creative math to come up with that.


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                      could be the way you say escape ,but then there s something stinky with the six
                      thanks anyway ..opened closet
                      found the solution on the desk now ,six is wrong ,should have been eleven or something
                      and the wall game has so much possible combinations and with sudoku you know the possible numbers,dont think im gonna finish this one
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                        Wall puzzle

                        The wall puzzle is a magic square where each row, column and diagonal adds up to 65 so Google "magic square 65" and hey presto!

                        I'm still searching for the right half of the second coin.

                        Okay .. found it .. but what's the gold key for?
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                          Dunno...that was my question, too, aurion!


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                            found a use for the gold key
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                              i can't find the place to put the half coins *oops found*
                              and i'm short of right halves of the last 3rd coins on the box, any help?

                              found. must be blind
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