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  • Strange Music Room 2

    Strange Music Room 2 is a Japanese room escape game created by Nigma. Find items, use them in the right place and solve puzzles with clues.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    * I could not find this game here, so if you have played it under some different name, please let me know.
    Cℓĭck Here to pℓαγ "Tђє First Door"
    tђє мost cђαℓℓєηgĭηg oηℓĭηє qυєst.

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    I am in the room and making almost no progress. Found a note I cannot read and that's it.

    I think someone is going to have to go look for help in translations. I don't think I can figure out anything else.

    That guy at the bottom is beginning to irritate me.
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      I am stuck... found

      yeah... he's creepy.
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      The Escape Artist


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        I can't determined if things are event oriented and you have to do something in order for some things to work. I don't think it is.


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          Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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            out by luck ,played
            and got out ?but didnt use
            so think i got bad end. becouse girl is sticking out her tongue at me and thats not a good sign

            got a translation for notes from doradora (nordinho)

            not getting any further though exept for the 2 first numbers and why
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              how rude of her. Nice job plunking out the melody. Did you ever get anywhere in the close up of the old phonograph's speaker/horn? I wasn't sure if I was to dig something out or shove something in.


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                nope tried to
                desperatly looking for matches to blow the whole thing sky high
                tried to shout in the horn but nothing ,exept waked up the wife here

                gtg to work now ,ill be back later on this one
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                  I got BOMB!!! and the guy does not look happy...
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                    Can only find 3 notes. Missing the house one. Any hints,please?


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                      What does the Earth mean in English? I didn't understand that clue

                      I can't remember where the house note is. If you want I can replay or have you found it yet.
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                        I had 7 items. bad? ending.

                        Not sure what that order was used .. May look back later to see if someone else has a better idea.

                        Use EDIT button rather than double post.


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                          That would make...

                          Out!? with brute force
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                          You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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                            Originally posted by Rexroth View Post

                            That would make...

                            Out!? with brute force
                            Maybe "Alphabet" is not written that way in Japanese (or whatever language it is) ...
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                              Okey game

                              Walkthrough Video: