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    Out no help !

    @Nana maybe the key IS in your inventory now ...
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      ok so cake is what?


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        Karanu, I did bake the cake LOL .. I'm smart enough not to hand raw eggs to a young child sitting on my sofa!
        Dmike - no key .. I think the cake was off. I'm just not sure what I didn't do or if I did in wrong order ..
        Thought I should be able to read a recipe. Wonder if I should have buttered the pan rather than melt it and add to beaten egg? Or do both?
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          now i want cake

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            Finally out! Thanks for all the hints - I would never have worked it out without help. Also we should have had the option of saying to the kid "Hand over the key or NO cake!" Probably a much quicker solution....

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              how do you use the orange? i am not sure i put the orange in the mixture but it cooked anyway. The child doesn't take make cake...why so???

              thanx granpa, i finally found the grater and out!!!!
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                whare is the wisk?


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                  OUT!!! Cute game
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