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    Art Escape is another point and click type room escape game developed by Claudia Duran for CafeCafeGames. You are a student in the best Art school of the city. This is the final exam day. Sadly, once you enter the classroom, the door closed behind you before you realized nobody else is there. You are locked inside and you have nothing better to do than the exam itself. Good luck and have fun!

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.
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    elza rody

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    Where is brown paint? That's all I'm missing


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      I can't find the brown or yellow paint. Or the yellow paint brush. Help anyone?


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        i am missing yellow pot and yellow and purple brush
        Any hints?

        Does anyone know what to to with the rectangles on the wall that change colour? can't see a hint for it
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          Looking for pink paint, any help?


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            Originally posted by deb View Post
            looking for pink paint, any help?

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              Thanks Sabiha, I already have the code. Does it open large door or drawer?

              N/M, got it. I had the wrong code!
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                Large one

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                  Sabiha: It's on
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                    I am missing the blue and brown paintbrush. Any hints for me?

                    Puzzle Code.

                    NVM. Found the blue paint brush. Just missing brown now.
                    NVM. Found the brown one also. Going to go paint by numbers now.
                    And i am out. Wooo Hooo.
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                      anyone here? need hint for squares on wall also

                      EDIT: NVM. . .didn't see the hint b4
                      now just need blue brush

                      EDIT: out now
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                      Cheer up!

                      It'll get better! You could be sleep deprived. . .

                      Oh, wait a minute. . . Mom. . . A mom is what I meant to say. . .


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                        Where is the hint for color 5 ?

                        POP got it
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                          distracting to have movement going on below the game.

                          Used two of items above, and now missing one brush, one color, and evidently another object mentioned in an earlier post.
                          Have all the numbers - just missing other things mentioned above.
                          found the tool at last. down hill from here?
                          Grrr! Wrong picture? or wrong places. I did tilt it first.

                          porch break ..
                          wrong picture. Now struggling to paint. need smaller brush for a couple of areas. Grrrr!
                          Cant get the small places .. forget it!!
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                            good luck, game was tricky

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                              Frustrating! I had everything. I just needed to find the orders for #'s 5 - 7. And I kept accidentally clicking on those stupid ads at the bottom because they're SO close to the game. The last one was a cruddy ad that was trying not to let me navigate away from the page, and I had to close the game. Too frustrated to play it again.