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Amnesia 2

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  • Amnesia 2

    (room escape)

    This is the sequel to Amnesia. Can you get out? Good luck

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Think I'm missing a number on the safe. I've got three so far.


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      why can't I pick up the glass to slice open the cushion? There's obviously something in it.

      Don't have any objects but have noticed the gold jacket glinting and the desk... broken card... broken phone... not sure what page I want to look at!
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        I have a
        so far and that's it.

        I am curious as to how the window was broken in if "this is a tall building."

        I just
        Still stuck now.

        Got a

        For a really helpful hint,

        I'm really stuck, even with
        for help. I can't find
        Tab key does not work!! I'll give up for now, and come back later and try again.
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          No Access, Max user exceeded.. grin.. Can't get out they will not even let me in... I'll try later

          Tab Key works, but very slow...
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            This is impossible without TAB, but so far also not easy with!

            I have


            Anyone playing besides me?

            Got further!

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              I got out and was ranked C.


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                How did you open the safe?
                I keep using the code

                but that doesn't seem to work?

                Apparently the code is:

                Where the first part I missed is from a book, using page 239, guessed from the little piece of paper. Stick and key were not used in this part...

                Tough one!
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                  The game was way too dark! And sadly the thing I spent most time looking for was the safe. But I'm out with a C grade.


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                    where is the crowbar?


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                      Really difficult interacting and finding things... hmmmm


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                        Originally posted by gngababy View Post
                        where is the crowbar?
                        Look post #4 !

                        Originally posted by Addick View Post
                        I got out and was ranked C.


                        Hmmm found it but I had
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                          Can't find knife. Help!


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                            Originally posted by Deb View Post
                            Can't find knife. Help!
                            Want to make your own Internet game ?
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                            Game4 (Chez moi) now available (Demo tab).


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                              Thanks Dmike! Finally got it and now out.