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  • Hospital Escape

    Hospital escape is a new escape game by
    search the rooms ,find and use items ,solve puzzles and try to find the way out

    Moderation note: Due to security reasons it's not recommended to visit the original link at

    good luck

    please use spoilers to give hints

    and dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days

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    uh ..? one step closer to freedom ?
    gonna be around for a while then
    great game


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      oops i think i died......see what happens when you use needles?
      Don't Drink's a laundry detergent!


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        i'll try to catch up.

        Assume the note will give us the necessary recipe for medicine to be used in syringe.

        Couldn't open box with password but...

        Do we need to find a test tube?

        Found another piece of note but still not complete recipe I suspect
        EDIT: Took chance with the info. on the 4 notes and made a preperation. Thought I had died but woke up again. Got key

        Rest is easy - password to open doors etc.
        Nice game.
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        You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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          Where is the bottle of pills? Even with the walkthrough I can't find them.
          I finally found them, the tab key helped.
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            only 3 pieces of the page -got another paper, arguing w/ computer
            and another piece of the page - .. with space w/o space .. nothing seems to work for user name.Must be missing something.

            OK "uncle" .. off to do something else. took porch break and phone chat. tried using stuff on paper and a couple of other things
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              hmm i stuck
              EPA HEHE


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                im lost iv got


                ok how do u do spoilers iv tryed!?

                any one here now?

                how do u do spoilers?
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                  Spoilers are explained here:
                  This is also where you should practice them


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                    Nice, out w/out help!!! Waiting on part 2
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                      Originally posted by QTSuzie3 View Post
                      Nice, out w/out help!!! Waiting on part 2
                      Yes! I hope part 2 is coming soon! Really liked this one!


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                        how does anyone enter on the screen to play the game with a ad in the way in the almost middle of the game pg ?


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                          Originally posted by co5617 View Post
                          how does anyone enter on the screen to play the game with a ad in the way in the almost middle of the game pg ?
                          Once you press "play" the ad will disappear.