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  • Hexagon Escape

    Hexagon Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from In this game, you are locked inside the hexagon shaped room. You will have to escape from the room by using the objects and hints.

    Good luck

    please use spoilers to give hints
    [spoiler]enter text here..[/spoiler]

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    out ,really a great game


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      Help OB!

      Do the
      fit in the
      ? If so, how?

      I seem to have 'lost' the
      behind the


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        Grrr!!! I am missing one gold ball, and I think I have to put the batteries inside of the remote control but not sure how, and also have a ribbon not sure what to do with... but I have put the 8 gold balls I have found inside the grid...


        EDIT: So I found the last gold ball
        and got a key which I used and got a car!!!

        Now what???

        EDIT: OUT!!! Great Game!!!
        To finish I found a magnet
        which I combined with
        to help get the
        which of course was used to escape!!!

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          Decent, logical game.

          Pretty easy.


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            Thanks for the hint about the magnet Suzie.
            I had to restart after losing the ribbon another thing on the inventory but got to the end eventually!


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              ok where do the balls go, and how?
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                How do you get the joystick to work?

                Originally posted by Kira699 View Post
                ok where do the balls go, and how?
                Find the board with the holes in it and
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                  Originally posted by bluehulio View Post
                  How do you get the joystick to work?

                  Have you

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                    Originally posted by jenni.p123 View Post
                    Have you
                    Thank you!!


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                      Hmmm so far I have
                      where's the car? or some keys? LOL


                      Is that a key
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                        I usually hate hexagonal rooms, ubt this one was fast and easy. Really liked it!

                        @ SUE: I don't remember which marbles/dots are where, but have you tried
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                          Thanks for help with the magnet. Everything else obvious. Out now.

                          Well, that didn't work, did it? Still a bit iffy with spoilers, obviously!
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                            i cant get the 9 balls to interact with the board

                            am i being dumb?

                            now i feel dumber - 3 are gone, but other 6 wont do anything
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                              YEA, got out all by myself, YEA