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    Thanks for the clue damon7. I would NEVER thought to use a key there. And I never saw the scissors. I only got them throught the clues in the forum AND alot of random clicking. I usually avoid SAG games....and once again I am reminded why.
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      out - poor game ..had to really enlarge views to see - and sometimes that didn't even help.


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        that game blows XI didn't like it at all. to much pixel hunt
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          I've been playing games on gamershood for quite a long time...just never made a forum account until today. I have to agree about this one - and most of the SAG escape games of late. There is far too much pixel hunting here. I like items to be somewhat hidden in room escape games, but not so much so that it becomes a hidden object game rather than room escape.

          I like room escape games for the challenge of locating odd and ends and figuring out how to use them to get out of the predicament. Not spending all my time locating microscopic or transparent items by click click click clicking all over the place... Too hard on this ladies eyes!

          To their credit, they usually have great graphics...


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            Out with the scissor hints---microscopic as it was! They are getting too pixel-hunt-ish!


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              Originally posted by old biker View Post
              on EG24 they found a
              even with the hint i cant find it

              found it now

              and out
              WOW! thx dude! i finished the game so quick! your hint really helped me get unstuck.
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