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  • Blood House

    Blood House is a very scary bloody point and click type adventure game. In this game, you are in a scary and bloody house and you need to search around to find somethings and clues to escape the blood house successfully

    this game is not suitable for younger children

    good luck

    please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days
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    Shazzam I'm first

    Got in da basement, now I'm in the backyard.

    Omg I finally made it through the woods and I died >.<

    Grrr got ending 1 but didn't discover the secret, have to go back in again.
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      died two times already ,that<$ù=!§ç§!§è clown


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        lol yea it's Pennywise from It

        Ok I found secret 2 but I need secret 1, his bro's name.

        I had to refresh because I couldn't back out of that screen. Don't click on upstairs door until you know secret 1 lol.

        Made it to the attic. I've heard that music in the prize room before. Think it was in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

        Ok I'm out. Discovered the secret. I'm not gonna bother with the alternate ending since I don't have an account on that site and don't feel like pm'ing anyone lol.
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        Loki, God of destruction


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          hi every1.i am new here.dont know if it will work,well it's a test
          i am just trying to post something.well i need help...who is he?what is his name?where i can find the hint?thx anw

          anybody still playing?
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            i cant figure out the mans name ive made it to the basement but the name i found will not work any help?


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              bathroom - movie that Tony Perkins was in? why a friend will still not shower .. only tub soaks now.
              I'm stumped with this one for now. Book of Shadows - the Charmed Ones. LOL TV show. Old radio show that had "Only the shadow knows ..
              " in the intro from my childhood days. So mind wandering about just evidently not in the right direction.
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                Where are the clues for the security alarm door and the dad's name?


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                  ok where the hell do u find the damn fathers name?


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                    The grey head right door is not Jake?
                    And mother's name


                    Then click right under the moving sign,

                    Back in house

                    backyard won't open any more, left door upstairs is secret 1 needed, name of brother? Found it!

                    Yes, I'm finally out now with "good" end. When you get the gun, shoot fast at clown, otherwise you can restart.
                    I did so often the wood part - not really fun.
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