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  • Escape from Hotel Catastrophe

    Escape from Hotel Catastrophe is a new room escape game from Rosiana D. Your objective is to escape the Hotel Catastrophe by finding several items and solving several tricky puzzles. Good luck!

    Play Escape from Hotel Catastrophe

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

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    what i've got so far

    searching ...

    opened briefcase

    got out of the room. now i've found

    stuck now ... can't solve the puzzle for room 1808

    stupid me ...


    stuck on RYB puzzle and no idea what to do next. Gonna quit for now ... start dinner for the kids ... i'll play again later ... when there is some help around
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      I seriously don't get the last puzzle in elevator. I mean I knew what it is, it's obvious but the hints...well I checked it on other forum but still don't get the correct answer to it - how can you

      Or maybe I missed some other clue? If anyone was bored enough to and tried to explain it to me than I'll be waiting in a lobby Thanks.

      edit: @Tweeny I would like to help You but all I can do is give correct order of the balls cause like I wrote - I don't understand how one is suppose to figure it out. so guess we both have to wait for someone else
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      anyone got an new game to share?

      I don't sleep 'cause I don't want to

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        How do you get the door to 1808 opened after you shut off the electricity?

        And where is the coin?


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          did you open it yet? and do you see the puzzle?


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            Need something to clean the lift mechanism with but can't find anything


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                Ty Tweeny, but I don't have any money to buy a cola


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                  needed help on last puzzle


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                    where's the coin?


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                      the coin is

                      OUT! ... pff this was a hard one ... needed some help on how to solve the last puzzle
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                        grr! added piece, rotated all kinds of stuff .. nothing changes.
                        Restarting to see how things look at the start.

                        Thanks biker, I'm just ready to give that a go again now.
                        Got it .. I was headed the other way before.
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                          nannajoy the circuits have
                          when done ,you ll notice


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                            Can't find that block... Ooops! Didn't see there was another place to look after the door!
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                              oh goodie a 3rd floor.

                              evidently a need a tool I don't have? or another puzzle thing to do something.

                              But evidently need the colors to work it out *sigh*
                              cheated and went to
                              and so far just found some secrets.
                              Score -730500 .. because I took so long?
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