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  • Tenny Rail

    Tenny Rail is another Japanese escape game by Nifty. In this game,you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem in this game.

    good luck

    please use spoilers to give hints

    dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days

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    sort of died first try (i think)


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      did I escape when i went into the other room and there is no alarm or flashing lights?


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        I got the door open, found a safe and a cat/tiger cage. Can't open the cage, don't want to go and die again, so I'm kinda stuck.

        The only items I have left are

        And I can't get the other half of the cupboard open.


        One mighty big cat, I must say.

        I found a code that I assumed was for the safe. Put it in and died.
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          if you do the puzzle (right of the sliding doors) you can go in without getting killed


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            I got the code, now have a red book(?).

            And I escaped with the cat. Weird game. I don't think I got the proper ending, as I still had at least one slot empty in my inventory and I didn't use the red box/book for anything. Although in the closing scene there was a Bond-esque guy holding the book, so, don't know.
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              Flashing red! Evidently mis-set something. See tweeny helps ith that. thought the dolls would be the clue for that. What was the clue for that? (found that)
              Back to having 6 empty squares.
              found another item before leaving the room that seems likely to be used there but doesn't work where I figured it should. .. still flashing red lights. Hmm.. More coffee and porch break.
              OK - some things can not be used until you do something else evidently. 4 empty squares this time. Evidently need to find more things before I brave the hall .. Hmm.. what is left? Frisk the cat? Paws up! - two empty spaces. ... what haven't I clicked on?
              OK all but one space .. opened door ... clicked on left option and was still in room but no flashing lights and clicked on bottom green "button" and a guy had the book. Good ending?
              'll try again and click right option this time.
              that did nothng - evidently a NO for leaving the room. Wondering if what you have highlighted makes a difference?
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                Died. Decided not to try again.


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                  I guess I died a couple of times. I'll be back to avenge!

                  The Escape Artist


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                    Hmmm - it was all going swimmingly until I couldn't get the cat out with the key(?) or feed it with the cat food... Dont want to die again - any hints anyone?
                    You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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                      died ??? start over... I'll pass...
                      NEXT ! !

                      enjoy life


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                        tried this game different times now ,and playing exactly the same way, things sometime work and sometime they dont ,so.....


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                          Thanks old biker - I just tried it again and got out first time... Ill be damned - last time the key wouldnt open the cage at all.
                          You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps