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Help with the downloadable games

If a downloadable game is an .exe file, just click the link, and choose open. The game will usually be installed among your other programs (otherwise you can choose where you would like to install it during the installation process).

If the game is a .zip or .rar file, choose save, and save it to your pc.
Extract it in a new folder using WinRar for example (if you don't have it, get it from here:
Then click the installation file (in most cases .exe file) or the file that starts the game, and your pc will install it, or launch it respectively.
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Game Loading Problems

First Check to make sure you have all the latest Plugins. They are free updates to your computer that allows you to play the games. They will not hurt your computer. They just allow you to play our games.

Here's what you need:

For Java:

For Flash:

For Shockwave:

We highly recommend you are up to date on all of them so you can play all the games here.

If you are still having problems please post what the problem is HERE
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Rules updated

Old members and new members, please read the updated rules.
You find them as sticky at the top of all forum categories, for example here:
Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to do that.

The moderation team
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Blue Chamber

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  • Well, there is a link to the walkthrough in the first post :-)


    • Yadiya

      Hi there,

      Nice game. Not to many clicks to find things and a very easy code to use.
      Good luck to ya all.


      • finished
        that is big hern after damo raped him


        • I like this even if easy...


          • This game was easy exept for the
            One of you will soon perish -Crono Trigger


            • How do i send the note saying "help me" In that thing ;S lol hope yooh understand


              • Originally posted by Unregistered
                How do u get the billing????

                Originally posted by pheonix

                Originally posted by Unregisterered
                you're not supposed to click on the exact place of the corners. you should click a specific part near the corners.

                Originally posted by XgamersgirlX
                How do i send the note saying "help me" In that thing ;S lol hope yooh understand

                sme way with a spoiler except [spoiler=name] that is the first part
                the last part is the same
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                • Hey i'm just about to start playing this one... is it good?? hard??

                  Edit: Well thats me out of the room then. I guess I answered my own questions.
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                  Bizarrochicks Dr Who Riddle


                  • boooooooooo this game wont load for me aghhhhhhhh!!!!! L O
                    PRETTY LOS


                    • so i dont know where to go from here now

                      please help