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  • Unearth

    Unearth is another new another point and click type room escape game by Michael Hibbert for CafeCafe Games. With a look and feel similar to Submachine you'll be very comfortable playing Unearth. Look around for hidden objects and solve the puzzles for a trip out of this world.


    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

  • #2 far I have:
    and I have a red wire and a green circuit board. Tried using
    but it disappeared. Now what?

    Have 3 circuit boards in place, but this game is fairly buggy.
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      I had the same problem you did the first time with the leg. Which three do you have so far? If you need a hint for the one you still need let me know.


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        Out, pretty easy, but not very fun for me...
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          Ok - out.
          Had to restart a couple of times due to bugs - not happy jan...
          But otherwise ok - as a copy of submachine it gets less points than it would if it were the predecessor.
          Thanks for posting.
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            WB jeral
            trying to get the handles in place


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              The bug(s) must be fixed now. I need the last circuit board and I presume I can get it from the arcade like machine with the red and yellow dots since it's the only thing left to solve. So far I haven't found a clue for it.

              There's nothing left in my inventory

              D'oh. Of course! The clue is

              And out! Aaaandd...on my own, without help. I quite liked this game, but then, I didn't encounter any bugs.
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                Glad I'm not having to do this in real life .. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. been up a bit and now I'll head back down .. think I noticed something.
                Rats - far right one is either to high or too low. LOL lost a piece and had to start over. Think just missing one.
                Do I have to cover all of gray area? Think that is my last puzzle.

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