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    I made it the first try on each level. Each one I had less than one minute left. One was only 14 seconds...the laundry room level. Still not sure what I did to get out I was clicking so furiously.


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      Well, I'm feeling dumb

      The clock messes with my head ..

      OK - on to second one at last.
      out of 2nd room (treehouse)
      out of 3rd after 2 tries.
      Now a break in the sunshine.
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        I only have three gems....feeling dumb....I have fly (used) sword (used) candle (used) and water in dish. What to do with the broom?

        EDIT: Ahhhhhh....the power of posting. Out of the first to enter the second room

        AND out of all three rooms! I loved that one! I agree...not too easy, not too hard.
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          Out, first time, with 82 seconds to spare...

          But had a shirtload of fun, doing it =)

          Usually I despise timed games, but the ease of the game was nicely balanced with the time limit... It actually enhanced my enjoyment...

          Thanks for posting it =)
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            It took me two tries to get out of first room (yap, stupid me lol), second and third rooms were easy - done in 2.5minutes.
            I like this game, nice graphic and relaxing plot


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              Yep - same.
              Last room was weird given that I got out not seeing what the last thing I did was AND with the washing basket in my hands on the congratulations page!
              Oh that reminds me I have a wash to hang up
              You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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                pretty easy, but nice fun game


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                  very easy, but no complaints on that! I was able to do it without help which is what I love!

                  Am I the only one out there that uses my iPhone to take pictures of clues so that I don't have to write them down or remember them?


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                    Really nice! I did have to do the first one twice, but once I got the hang of it, it was an easy game