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  • Forest Escape

    Forest Escape is a point and click type escape game from DozenGames. You are lost in the forest and you need to figure out how to escape. Good luck!

    Play here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    Well then, I have a rope which was already in my inventory and
    That leaves two empty spaces in my inventory. So far I can't combine these items or place them anywhere. I trudge on...

    Edit: I found a

    ...and stuck

    Warning! Everytime I try combining something else with the above mentioned item, the item gets stuck behind it and I have to start the game all over again
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      At about the same stage as you slerk.
      The bug hasn't made me restart yet but i am holding my breath...
      EDIT: yes when I tried to use the bow and squiggley arrow the arrow (amongst other items) are now stuck under the bow in my inventory!
      Not a big fan of the game so far....

      Ok - restarted and back where I left off... but have found a plank of wood and am over the stoney ravine...
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      You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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        I am counting on you Rexroth to find a place to place some of the inventory items.


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          I'm stuck at the same spot. Has anyone made it across the river? Could the bow be for starting a fire?


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            Yes - great idea zulu!!
            Am over ravine (see first post) and have now found another larger timber beam - Here I managed to get some fire going but its not the place to make the fire...
            And rescued...OUT
            That was very lame....sorry
            Last edited by Rexroth; 01-21-2010, 17:07:37.
            You dont have to be crazy to work here - but it sure helps


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              Originally posted by Rexroth View Post
              Yes - great idea zulu!!
              Am over ravine (see first post) and have now found another arger timber beam - could this be where we make fire??
              Bravo Rexroth. I've been trying to place that plank since I began! Where did you place it? NVM POP
              Last edited by slerk; 01-21-2010, 17:08:17.


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                Is there a special place to put the plank for crossing the ravine/river? Nothing seems to happen for me. Maybe I get left behind for the wolves, tigers, lions and bears....oh my..


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                  You have to go to the close up view, when the river looks like a ditch because you can see through the water. Place it kind of close to the right

                  One of my two rocks in my inventory doesn't move. Is that right? Or do I have to start all over AGAIN?
                  Last edited by slerk; 01-21-2010, 17:13:50.


                  • #10
                    Thank you! Made it across with your help.
                    Found second

                    Has anyone done something with the railroad tie piece of wood?
                    Slerk - that rock doesn't move for me either..Let's keep going and hope.
                    Last edited by zulu; 01-21-2010, 17:23:56.


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                      Apparently, I am no Boy Scout. I cannot start a fire to save my life. Maybe I am missing something.

                      POP again

                      Um, I'm waiting for rescue....and it looks like I could kill the person who comes to get me. Out. This game took too long.

                      That railroad tie like thing is
                      Last edited by slerk; 01-21-2010, 17:32:06.


                      • #12
                        Just restarted because fire, bow and wood dowel were grouped and I couldn't cplace fire bundle on ground. Leave the bow alone once its made!! Your right there is a BUG at this point.

                        I agree with slerk. I'm rescued but not satisfied.
                        Last edited by zulu; 01-21-2010, 17:40:53.


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                          Have 7 items. Only one with an ID on it. I would have to guess what some of them are. Is that fog or water in the ditch?
                          got over ..
                          place one thing at a time ..
                          and rescued.
                          Last edited by NannaJoy; 01-21-2010, 22:54:48.


                          • #14
                            out ! thx for the hints reg the fire


                            • #15
                              ha, I have everything in one inventory space... RESTART

                              enjoy life