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  • Kidnapped by Robots

    Kidnapped by Robots is a point-and-click game by Selfdefiant for Flonga. In this game robots have taken you and you must escape them!

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    I got out the room...

    I found and used
    also found

    Now I'm trying to move blocks with the machine...but it's hard...

    EDIT: NVM, I got it

    So now I found
    and used
    and used

    Trying to figure out how to turn power off...I need
    ...okay I found it
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      Where did you find the key??? I am stumped on it... all i have left is a
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        Originally posted by stngr632 View Post
        Where did you find the key??? I am stumped on it... all i have left is a
        one word EXIT

        if anyone is having trouble with the code
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          What to do with the magnet? I've got the fuse upstairs all set, now what?

          Edit: Got it.

          Nice game, easy and straightforward.
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            where is the
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              Originally posted by pana182 View Post
              where is the
              No kidding. It's driving me nuts! I think I've clicked every pixel at least once.

              Ok I found it and I am not sure if I just was blind and didn't see it before or if I needed to reload the game two times like I did but here is the

              And if that was too vague:
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                it wasn't there. i had the same problem, so i opened a new game in another tab, keeping my old game open. went and checked the place you said and voila! there is something new there. to make sure i am not crazy, i go back to my old window to see if it is there, and it's not.

                thank god you said that. i would have felt stupid all day.


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                  enjoy life


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                    well I've
                    & haven't been to rooms 5 and 6 - upstairs or missing a door?
                    - moved left and my arrows to move here and there have disappeared! Can't go through door *sigh*
                    About dinner time. Guess I did something wrong or a glitch in the game. I'll have to restart.
                    Had been in 6 .. sorry about that.
                    probably need something else also. Dinner almost ready ..

                    Sloppy Joes for dinner - fed the brain
                    and I'm out.

                    I also noticed that when I clicked on a sign and got what the sign said, it didn't always agree.
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                      Fun game

                      I found this screen hilarious