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Somewhere Past (Dassyutu 33)

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  • Somewhere Past (Dassyutu 33)

    Another Japanese room escape game in the Dassyutu series by Osironosiro with 4 endings. Good luck!

    There may be language barriers.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Language may be a problem here...

    Might be out with the beaver end, brute force the color/shapes box.
    Going to try one more time, and then i will have that color code.

    Got the fourth ending thanks to Mistery. According to EG24, the computer screen says that there a four endings, one being to find all items. I was one away, but after two of the good endings, I am satisfied to be out. Especially not knowing a bit of the language
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      Oh I was hoping it's not the case.
      Going to add a note to the first post, thanks tipper

      Got so far grippers (used), stick (used), key (used), watering can (used), color code hint.

      Brute forced the first man code:

      Out with hammer end (ending 4)


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        Huh, this was hard. Couldn't sleep before finding logic in all this. So here it goes:



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          Wow, Fern that is impressive! I just bullied my way through. I still do not understand it all, but maybe that is why I don't play the Rebus games

          Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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            Found several items and a code box .. but not sure of colors. Think I'll pass


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              OK, so even when you get the Good Ending, it still says "Replay." Did I miss something or is that right?

              Nanna, to try to clarify the colours:

              * pentagon note: The characters say "next to the lawn". I had guessed green, but since it's NEXT to the lawn, I'm theorizing there's a pond or a creek somewhere since the pentagon is blue.

              * square note: The characters say "the farm is...". Farm have crops, which are green, so square is green.

              * triangle note: The characters say "for the use of Shaa". Shaa [Char] is a character of Japanese books Gundam. The character is red, so triangle is red.

              * star note: stars are yellow. 'Nuff said, lol. But to further clarify, the characters say "the handkerchief of happiness". Happiness is the colour yellow [just like sad is blue, jealousy is green, etc.]

              Now, no one seemed to figure out how to get the head as the 3rd circle to click on the dude on the wall. The pillow on the bed was the hint. It had a 3 on it. Heads go on pillows.

              Something that I don't think was mentioned here is you have to do all the 4 endings in order. The reason for this is when you have an ending [minus the mushroom one, despite a member of another forum insisting that when you eat the mushroom a 3 appears on the dude's head, this is NOT TRUE. I restarted the game three times to watch for that and it never happened. The 3 is from the bed pillow.], there's a picture of the dude from the wall with a number somewhere on him. These are hints to get the other endings.

              If anyone doesn't understand how the dude's red circle clicking order was figured out, I can explain that, too.


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                Already started this one a long time ago and still not liking it
                From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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                  I agree. It's nice that you can copy and paste the dialog text into a translator, but it would be nicer if instead of the text saying something like, "On the TV, there are words written." that it actually tell you WHAT was written.

                  For the most part, you can at least get the gist of what's needed, but when the game is entirely based on words that you can't copy and paste, well, that takes the fun out of it.

                  One thing that I laughed out loud about with this game was the white key. You look from the right side of the shelf to see it, but can't get it. Any NORMAL person would just go to the LEFT side and get the darn thing!! lol