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  • Speed Escape 2

    This is the sequel to Speed Escape by Melting Mindz.
    There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area. Good luck!

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

  • #2
    Got out of the first room at 2nd try ( would have needed 5 more seconds at my first try, was almost out )
    Let's see the others.

    Yay, got out of 2nd room with 56 seconds left at my first try

    Hmmm, I'm not getting very far in the 3rd room
    No, I can't figure it out... Only found bulb and cartridge which I have used, can't solve any other puzzles (color code and letter code).


    • #3
      I can't seem to figure out the code on the first level
      I've found all the number and think it has something to do with the number of sides on the shapes but I can't get any combination to work


      • #4
        No, just combine

        Help on 3!

        Ah okay, found mouse

        Got clues, and opened cupboard.

        Stuck on locked box, and letter code for game.


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          sorry I still don't understand?


          • #6
            Hmmm, what numbers have you found, and which color have they?

            I think the code was


            • #7

              D'oh I was thinking way to much into it!

              on level 2 now

              thanks mistery
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                You're welcome

                I'm further on 3. Solved letter code, found clue

                Found eye piece, but not sure what clue the map gives. I should now open the box

                Aha! Got it

                And out!

                Fun little games


                • #9
                  ok level 2 easy, onto 3

                  Finished too! got level 3 first go

                  Great game, nice find mistery
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                  • #10
                    Wow, you got 3 at first try?
                    For me room 3 was the most difficult of all.
                    Yes, fun game


                    • #11
                      I'm stuck on 2... I can't figure out the stone puzzle or find any silver.

                      EDIT: POP!

                      Done with all 3.
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                        OUT!!! Not too bad
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                          That was fun, and yeah, I had to do a couple twice

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                            enjoy life


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                              Love the old school nintendo in the 3rd room
                              brings me way back

                              one hint I needed was to check the
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                              Am I the only one out there that uses my iPhone to take pictures of clues so that I don't have to write them down or remember them?