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Chazkenger and Takarabako

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  • Chazkenger and Takarabako

    This is a Japanese point and click game by the creator of Chazkenger & Kinkonkan. Good luck!

    (Don't know if there are language barriers)

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.
    Working on the next game

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    Not sure yet how important the notes in Japanese are.

    I've found a few things, and opened some secret panels.

    Key, net, 2 notes in Japanese, shovel(?), flashlight, two letters, gear (used).
    Made light to see colored circles.
    Don't know the letter code, don't know the light code for underground.
    Don't know where to use my items.
    Have seen number grid clues in star. Maybe it's a clue

    But I don't think we can apply it on

    Okay, brute forced the light puzzle
    I'm not sure anymore, but I think the last time I started

    Got another note, and a 3rd letter.
    Hmmm, the letters don't work for the letter puzzle, I think I tried all combos of

    But maybe I'll find more medals with letters.

    Opened the letter code panel

    Got now 4 letters, and another note.

    Yay, got all 5 letters now.
    Found I

    Placed the letters correctly, got up through the star trapdoor, opened chest. Seen note and fishing pole.
    Hmmm, and now?
    Working on the next game


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      Letters can be placed on the star, not much help

      I'm done, thanks for the help Mistery.
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      Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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        I did it

        But now not sure what to do after opening chest above.
        Aha, didn't notice that I got now 1 more note in my inventory from chest with some clue for passcode.
        But where to use it?
        And I think I didn't use shovel thingy.

        Aha, found where to enter code

        But I don't know the code.

        I figured out that you can

        But I still can't get the ladybug code.

        Hey, wait! I don't know how to continue

        Hmpf, okay I give up.
        Working on the next game


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          and it is about dinner time.

          Dinner over and things put away. Now where was I?

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            Just saw it and added to my blog 2
            I'll try to solve the game as quick as possible.
            Good luck everyone.


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              figured the purple cube code thingy

              the shovel is for
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                Purple cube? and I did what you suggested with the paper and enlarged to 400% -


                Need one more coin ..
                dumb me .. the thing near the tree I at last figured out.

                Opened a green trunk/chest .. but I can't read what the little guys are saying or what note says stuck to back of lid of trunk.
                And a puzzle. Hmm... Lady Bug one and I 'll think on it while I check email and get the pup out.
                Ok - check out the sun spots .. and the clue on paper

                So got another paper after the ladybug puzzle was finished.

                I'm done! "End" with scene of books, box?, picture of the group and 2flowers. Now I can go to bed.
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                  Excellent game I have to say, thanks Nanna Joy for the nudge towards the labybird clue.