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  • Cozy Room Escape

    This time, you have to escape by finding and using objects, and hints found inside the cozy room.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Finding things but not using them yet. Think this is the first escape game I played that had a

    Getting very frustrated - clicked just outside the game boundary and lost the page...twice!

    Stuck stuck stuck. Gonna sit here a wait for the cavalry to ride in.


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      Stuck too. Can't figure out the grid puzzle, or the other 1/2 of the Log Meter.

      Tried grid puzzle several ways, with no apparent result.

      EDIT: Got a bit further...

      POP, just got it - very goofy.
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        I've got stuck after doing some soldering.
        Can't seem to use the soldering iron any more.

        NVM I'm finally out .. those lights were difficult.
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          That means you have it right

          The lights on the wall should work now - and *welcome* to where I gave up !


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            Finally got into the bedroom. I've found a number code!

            Now I need to find out what to do with it.

            Yeah, I can't figure anymore out. Better things to do.
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              ok, I have the
              I'm finally out (after about 4hrs) thx to EG24
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                This is the second game that I have played recently where I am searching for

                I plod on....

                EDIT: The answer is yes, but not where I thought. Still plodding...and now playing with the circuit board.

                EDIT: Figured out the circuit board but not interested in playing with the lights anymore. I throw in the towel.
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                  slerk, you don't have to for the first room


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                    Originally posted by donaud View Post

                    That means you have it right

                    The lights on the wall should work now - and *welcome* to where I gave up !
                    Well, I had to get a hint elsewhere so I knew what I was looking for.


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                      ARGH! I've seen two code for dots on machine. Have tried several things but so far nothing interesting happens. Have

                      Edit: book - 5 dots by 7 dots .. or 4 squares by 6 squares. IF you put a colored square above or below each line drawn between dots, it doesn't fit. I'm so confused!
                      Tried several 5 letter words that seemed likely. Of course, none worked.
                      I'm just plain stuck. time for a porch break.

                      That didn't help. I'll check back later to see if there is a clue.
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                      • #12
                        Here's the circuit board solution:

                        ...why the extra dots in the book, no clue.


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                          And that is to go on the board above the chair? with white lines? I thought we just clicked on some squares to turn them different colors. Hmm.. Just starting again (at 11 p.m.) but the dog has announced he wants his last visit outside. No rest for the wicked.

                          Did get one red light on that machine on the desk top. Just ran through through the kitchen and main room again seeing if I could find something I missed. Midnight and thenk I'll wind down and call it a night.
                          night from southern FL - and we are hopig the oil stays away from our beaches and inlets. What a mess!
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                            Want to make your own Internet game ?
                            sigpic . .
                            Game4 (Chez moi) now available (Demo tab).


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                              Just wanted to add to this that no matter what I tried to do, I could NOT get my soldering iron to work. Turns out I needed to look at the red book and click the pages a few times while in front of where I needed to solder.

                              So if anyone else gets this issue, you know what to do!

                              Oh, and Dmike's "rectangular lamps" threw me off for the LONGEST time... till it FINALLY clued in that he meant the ones on the far wall in the bedroom. Not sure if you meant to be cryptic with that, but you got me lol