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  • help me please!!!

    I want to know what my code in the marble safe.
    My looks like this: _| > _| v v L ( the last is reverse).
    So what is my code?


    • helpp

      how do u do da puzzle on the wall with the coloured lines?? its drivin me mad


      • Key A

        where i find key a?


        • im lost

          i see stuff and the wall ( the letters)
          and above the bed (the circle of numbers)
          but yet have i seen anything on the TV the Tape is in the VCR but the TV dont come on....have i done something wrong....?? HELP!


          • For Kitty! Thank you! taht was a great help...


            • Walkthrough

              Originally posted by Kitty
              This game is great, especially the ending and the casting!
              PS: the casting is so great that you should not miss it!!

              The door scene:
              steel stick ? on top left hand corner of the scene, just below the ?AHI?
              electronic chip ? inside the ?AHI? box

              The computer scene:
              wire cable ? beside the right hand side of drawer, there is black area poked out a bit

              The TV scene:
              screw driver ? beside the CD boxes
              paper- between the wooden box and the orange paper
              key A ? click on the left hand side of the TV table, where it merged the bed
              music A ? The ANDES song, located in the magazine beside the TV. (it is not a physical object)

              The bed scene:
              key B ? underneath the pillow
              key C ? move the pillow 4 times, and it will fall out
              key D ? click on the floor underneath the bed, use the steel stick to get it

              usage of the keys:
              folded paper - Use key A to open the wooden box located in the TV scene
              pen ? Use key B to open the second drawer located in the computer scene
              music B ? (Not a physical object) Use key C on the pink musical box located in the TV scene
              marble, remote, doll ? Use key D to open the drawer located in the bed scene and completed the mini game (whenever a marble jumped over another marble, the one being jumped over disappear, and you will end up having only one marble.)
              Hint: it is not as hard as you think, just don?t isolate any marble, try it a few times, and pray?. ^_^

              Use the ?screw driver? to open the CPU located on the computer scene, put the ?electronic chip? into it, connect it with the ?wire cable? (PS: there is a cutter inside the CPU, remember to take it)

              Put the ?paper? into the print and turn on the computer by clicking the CPU, a blue screen will appear and you need to enter a password. Go to the bed scene and place the ?folded paper? on the table and use the ?pen? on it, so you have the password. (mine is 347192)

              After entering the password, you got the paper printed with a pattern on it. Put that piece of paper onto the picture frame located on top of the TV. Cut the picture with the ?cutter?, and now you have to solve a mini game again?You have to move the pieces in order to join the colour line?see appendix A for the completed picture?
              (Hint: THIS IS VERY HARD, but starting from the bottom to the top will make a bit easier?once again?damn it , it is hard?) if you think the marble game is hard??I suggest you give up right now? ^^b

              Once you finished, you get an ?electronic ladybug?. Use this ?ladybug? on the wire located ?where you got key A?, and you will get a disk.

              Use the ?remote? on the ceiling fan located on?hm?there is an upper arrow on the ?wall with the power outlet on it??double click the center of the fan and you will get Key E?

              Use Key E to open the last drawer located in the computer scene and get a CG and a video tape. (PS: don?t miss the video tape, you can hardly see it because it is black and so do the drawer)

              Put the ?disk? into another CPU located beside the TV, and you will know the ?security safe? is active? Go click the left side of the brown wall located in the computer scene and you find the safe (in case you don?t know where it, see appendix B)??.So, how to open the safe??

              1) take the marble and put it under the microscope
              2)look into the microscope and copy down the image on a piece of paper
              3)turn the paper by 180 degree, so that the line will under the ?L?s? (cause the microscope turned image around)
              4)those ?L?s are the password, each corner of the L represents the position of the button on the safe, so press the green buttons following the order of the Ls.


              In case you don?t understand, mine is: AHDDIG (if this does not work, the position of the Ls may be random, so you must figure it out by yourself)

              now you got a ?bottle of C8H7N3O2?, check it out with a magazine on the bookshelf located beside the TV.

              Put the ?CG? on the hoop located on the top of the bed, use the ?C8H7N3O2? on the CG.. (PS: Key F will appear on the cardboard box. If you can?t find it, you must have forgotten to close the drawer after the marble game! So close the drawer and you will find it on the cardboard box)

              Use Key F to open the first drawer located in the computer scene, and you got a hammer. DON?T CLOSE this drawer, and go to where the safe located!! There is an AV cable at the back of the drawer!
              Put the ?video tape? into the VCR, connect it with the ?AV cable?, click on the TV and you will find some codes with music C.

              Use the doll on the? white air-conditioning window, and you find a brown bottle?Apply this bottle onto the wall, just a bit under the bottom right hand corner of the air-conditioning window, click it a few times and some words appear.

              Break the mirror beside the door with the ?hammer?, there is a color wheel that require password?

              1)Turn off the light, you will find letters one wall and numbers on the other wall.
              2) Each number on the wall represents a letter. And each letter is the initial of a colour to be entered onto the color wheel.
              3) Use the numbers on wall to find initials by matching it with the numbers as seen in the TV and the letters on the wall.
              4) You will have six letters representing six colour

              After you solved the colour wheel, there is another challenges, in which you find something similar with the piano inside.

              Remember music A, B, and C? Enter the music notes according to those three pieces of music!

              ● B
              ○ A#
              ● A
              ○ G#
              ● G
              ○ F#
              ● F
              ● E
              ○ D#
              ● D
              ○ C#
              ● C

              C C G G A A G (little stars)
              A A B A A B (sakura sakura)
              C# E Ab F# E F# Ab (ANDES)

              Whenever you finished enter a song, press the switch on the top in order to start another song. (Since not all of us are musician, I attached the answer on appendix C)

              Alright!!! You find a ring!!! And there is the ending!!! Put the ring on the lady?s hand and wait for the amazing casting!!~~~~

              And??please??if you find this walkthrough useful, please leave a message. I spent an hour to translate the walkthrough from Chinese to English. (and?if there is any error in the translate causing a failure on the walkthrough, please let me know)

              Appendix A (puzzle)

              Appendix B (safe)

              Appendix C (music)
              can you just tell me the answer to the marble game?????????? Please


              • Thank you so much

                Hey kitty,
                your walkthrough was AWESOME! I never read such a precise and detailed one.
                It helped me a lot through this difficult game.
                Thanks a lot, you are my hero!

                By the way... r u a teacher? u should be, cause you're explaining the things just right!

                Raph from Switzerland


                • Originally posted by Kitty

                  Appendix A (puzzle)

                  Appendix B (safe)

                  Appendix C (music)

                  Dear all,

                  For those who find the walkthrough is useful, it will be great if you can help uploading the images of the appendix above to another webspace and leave a new post here. My webspace will expire within weeks and those images of the appendix will be gone. So I hope that someone could help out in order to keep those images posted for easy reference.




                  • Help

                    How do you get the wire cable? I know where it is but if I try to click it, I'm go back to previous scene?



                    • All this is great but please someone help me with the marble game its driving me crazy. I understand what to do but just can't get one marble left. A marble by marble account could really help me right now - someone take pity on my please.


                      • I Can"t get the wire!! It's behind the drawers but I cant grap it!! Help me!


                        • sooooooooooooooo helpful

                          you are just fab !!!!!
                          great translation and i could not have done this without your walkthrough or my little sis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                          • Originally posted by Kitty
                            Dear all,

                            For those who find the walkthrough is useful, it will be great if you can help uploading the images of the appendix above to another webspace and leave a new post here. My webspace will expire within weeks and those images of the appendix will be gone. So I hope that someone could help out in order to keep those images posted for easy reference.


                            Why don't you open a photobucket account? They are free and you can host pictures online easily.

                            If you can't be bothered to open an account I don't mind putting them in my photobucket account if you could send me the pictures?


                            • music

                              which is the (ab) in the music scene? I am soo lost,
                              PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


                              • Ab = G#