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  • Aarrgghh!

    I can't believe I spent hours solving a labyrinth for no reason at all! Am I the only one who did that?


    • Worst Game Ever

      I spent 5 hours finding my way through a maze and when I finally got to the end, there was a doll singing, but i didnt get anything. I was transfered right back to the room. What a waste of time. I got into the maze but using the knife on the cardboard box, and then put the darker doll into the little square on top of the box. After 5 hrs I read the walkthrough and I never even had to go to the maze to finish the game. Rip off!!!!


      • The End

        Finally I finished. The end is so cute... /kiss
        F?cil, extremamente f?cil, pra vc, e eu e todo mundo...
        Easy, extremely easy, for you, and me and everyone...


        • Help Me..i Am Going Nuts

          I am playing My diamond Baby for quite a while and I cant figure out how to open the big safe..
          The walkthrough was so helpfull but I didnt understand the part of the green buttons..
          I putted the crystal ball on the microscope and this is what I have

          _/ ^ l_ > < >

          So that's exactly what I have...I tried everything but nothing
          And you guys mention something about ABCDEFGHI....I totally didnt' get it...Cause the button in the middle,
          the smaller one,doesnt me pleaseee!


          • i have been trying the puzzle on the wall and i cant get it


            and so on and so on
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            • Marble Puzzle

              I, like so many others, am stuck on the marble puzzle. Can't someone post a walkthrough of sorts, or some screen shots to help get us started, or something? Heck, I'd settle for a grid like this:


              where O is an empty spot and X is a marble. Once I get started, I can figure these things out, but I can't figure out where to start from.


              • Omg!!!!!!!!

                Wat Doll Do We Use To Use On The White Air Conditioner......n Where Is This White Air Conditioner........i Need Help


                • Just a bit of help on locating the vent/ air conditioner!

                  There is a mainly empty wall except for a couple of wall outlets. In the top left corner you will see a vent or air conditioner. if you completed the marble game then you will have a white doll glove thing in your inventory. Its actually an oven mitt. Click on it and then click on the vent. The vent should open for you and you will get a "brown bottle" which is actually a spatula used to scrape off paint off of walls. Use the spatula on the same wall just a bit to the lower right of the vent/air conditioner. This will remove the paint and words will appear. I completed the game, and i still don't quite understand what the words ment, but thats okay!


                  • I'm stuck!!!!!!!!!
                    never trust someone who lies to you, never lie to someone who trusts you.


                    • That's the best room escape game i've ever played.
                      it took me three weeks without a walkthrough.
                      and 2 hours with one.
                      but it was well worth it.
                      The ending was sweet.
                      It wasn't just like
                      "omg you finished the game. you get nothing."
                      the puzzle on the wall was hard.
                      it took me forever.


                      • Hi.
                        I'm stuck in piano. I don't understand how put the notes.
                        help me please.

                        (Sorry my english)

                        I did it lol lol lol

                        tanks kitty
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                        • i am stuck
                          please could someone tell me were the white air conditioning vent is please?


                          • The magazine with the jar?

                            What does CG mean?


                            • Someone plz help me i dont know wat to do all i hav is a screwdriver and a key and found some glow in the dark paint. tell me wat to do!!!
                              May God make all of your days totaly cool!!! :group-hug: (h) :dewave: :happydancing: :yay: :bouncie-smilie: :appl: :git: :hello2u: :panda: :laughSMILE: :smile: :yaya: :petSMILE:


                              • omg man this game is so so hard i cant pass it lol i can get up to the colour wheel but thats just about it im stuck