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    A room escape game in Japanese and English by Hilg. You are a police officer who visits the office over the weekend due to an urgent investigation. The door behind you shuts, and you can't remember the new password. Can you get out?

    Click on the yellow SYS button after the intro to choose English
    Use the red button to save the game.

    Play Here or Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.
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    transparent sheet, tool, mug, key with escape written on it, manual, bomb, bag (used), lubricant (used), broom, 2 other keys (used), 2 rubber gloves, paper with pc PW hint.

    And apparently found 2 clues(?) (nr. 2 and 6)

    Despite of the clue, I can't figure out PW for pc.

    Have also seen numbers on

    Found Mr. Akanbe's notebook

    Also noticed that sth is missing

    I'm stuck now for a while, gonna save the game I guess.
    Working on the next game


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      Same place, but have clues 2,4,5,6. Leaving for a while.

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        Just getting started; looks like it should be fun

        Oh my got! I love Engrish.
        lovexhurts (aka Rachel)

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          Originally posted by lovexhurts View Post

          Oh my got! I love Engrish.
          Yeah, I liked this part, too
          Working on the next game


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            Hint numbers

            If anyone is wondering what the hint numbers they already have found stand for... look at your items again. The hint number at the bottom should flash for a second as you check or scroll over the corresponding item.


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              and got clue medallion number 3

              I only have one space left in the inventory now, and no password, time to think
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                Moving along pretty good Inventory almost filled used most of the items.

                now Im stuck last thing I got was

                Finally Out took forever had to go to escapegames24 cause i couldn't think lol how to get the code duh!!!! Loved this game
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                  Just got the pw myself, trying to do the necessary preparations

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                    I have all but four items. Just

                    Found the

                    Even further.

                    And I'm done!! YAY!!!
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                      I also got stuck for ages with the escape code (because I kept forgetting to press the clear button) and I went through all the different permutations before I reread the "manual" DOH!! Very good game though and thanks for all the hints
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                        still need hint 1 and 5
                        no fingerprints till now

                        the logon gets clearly by checking the white sheet you got from copier

                        missing 3 items

                        yay ,progress only hint 5 needed

                        found all hints ,and items

                        and... out
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                          Finally, I am out. Had the hardest time looking for what I all ready had in the bomb safe.

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                            Gah! I know I have to get fingerprints from somewhere but I can't figure out how. I have the aluminum powder and transparent sheet. I also have the mug with the lipstick unused. Help!

                            edit-- I found the brush for the powder and got the prints scanned, but still having trouble figuring out the door code
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                              Very nice game but I did needed help with the doorcode.
                              From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me