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    Choc-Mint is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Petithima . In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck.

    Please use spoilers for giving hints.[ SPOILER="Name of spoiler]Enter text here.[/SPOILER]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days. Thank you.
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    I have figured out the lamp puzzle, got a code but have no idea what it means, also have
    now stuck


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      I have what you have and used the code I got from the lamp on the numberlock under the lamp. The code means that you


      I need to find at least two more numbers for two locks and there is also a picture lock that I don't get yet. I need to look for more clues.
      Found a new number for one of the locks.

      Did the

      I have

      Out without any help.
      This was a very nice game.
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      From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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        It was not difficult. Out.


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          That was a nice game. It looked difficult, but was really not too hard.

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            Oh My Goodness! I actually did this one all by myself with no help! Woohoho--it's amazing! Was a nice game too!

            ... not sure about the name though--Choc Mint--makes me want a Peppermint Patty!


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              thx Yvonne, I feel like "duh"


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                That was surprisingly easy, and I'm out with no help. Must be the Pringles I'm eating.


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                  very nice...

                  enjoy life


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                    Nice little game! One of the seldom ones I´ve solved on my own! :-D


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                      got stuck at the lamp puzzle wasn't paying attention to the chair position
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                        good game, only needed help with chair position and at the end after placing bsket thing...I couldn't figure out what to do next.

                        Am I the only one out there that uses my iPhone to take pictures of clues so that I don't have to write them down or remember them?