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  • Star Puzzles Room

    Star Puzzles Room is another Chinese room escape game. In this game, you are locked in a room with star puzzles and you have to find items and solve star puzzles to escape the star puzzle room.

    Good luck

    please use spoilers to give hints

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    Ummm either it's the math (?) or language barrier... I don't get it


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      just starting
      checked on EG24 and looks like a game with rules made on their own.(the first one anyway)
      you have to make the squares black ,like 3 means 3 in a row and 111 means 3 with a gap the first square doesnt count (appearantly only for horizontal line ?)
      not my kind of game

      back to staring ,to try to find some fish
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        I'm out of the first room, love the puzzle in that one..completely stuck in second room and no idea what to do here.
        From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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          don't understand inspite of biker's attempt to get through to me. So I'll pss


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            hmmm, i like solving sudokus, but this puzzle i can´t manage

            got it. Googled for the solution, and found it on

            But now , on the 2nd room, I can´t imagine how to solve even with hints.

            I think, I´ll give up. If someone get´s the solution, for 2nd room, please mail me, I would be interesseted in the answer.
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              My brain hurts

              Some hints would be nice guys.


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                Hints 4 U

                1st Star Puzzle
                This is a common puzzle in puzzle books. The numbers on the diagram indicate how many and in what sequence the squares in their respective rows or columns should be darkened. Like if there is a 1, that means 1 square in that column is darkened, somwhere. If there is a 1 1, that means that there are 2 squares in that column darkened with atleast 1 space between them. 1 1 1 means 3 squares in that column are darkened with atleast 1 space between each of them. 3 indicates 3 squares must be darkened with no space between them. IN THIS PUZZLE the square that is darkened for you appparently does not count for the 1 indicated in the horizontal row, but does count for one of the 1's in its vertical row.

                I have no idea for the 2nd room, but here's the code...

                That book hint is helpful finally in the last room.
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                  second room

                  the second room has to do with the golden ratio (it is found in the Fibonacci sequence of numbers on the wall as well as the ratio of lenthgh of sides on the triangle) but in this case it is not the ratio of the larger number to the smaller but the smaller to the larger.